BBA vs BCA, which one is better, Which should i go for

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BBA vs BCA, which one is better, Which should i go for

Both BBA and BCA are excellent undergraduate courses, after which students can expect a good career, but

Mostly All Students, are always confused about these two courses. You Too?

Don’t worry you are on the right website my friend. Give me Your Next 5 minutes only, and you will be able to not only understand but even tell anyone about these courses.

Conventional wisdom is, do schooling, complete graduation, and do a job. But here is something different which will make you far unique than others in this competitive world.

Both of these are professional courses. When I say professional what does it mean?

Professional means you are going to enter the corporate world and strengthen your skill in the area such as Computer Technology, Team Management, Coordination, and collaboration.

What is BBA?

 BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration.

This is a branch of studying in the field of Business and Management related activities.

BBA is a 3 years course, which is done after the 12th. And it will count you graduated as well.

Bachelor of Business Administration


Who should go for BBA?

BBA is a field of commerce student; Commerce student is curious always to join BBA after schooling rather than doing any alternate course.

But anyone can enrol in BBA there is no specific requirement of commerce background. If you are interested in doing business than you should go for BBA.

Here you will learn lots of skills which will help you throughout your life.  I.e.: Learning the art of selling products, handling peoples, good communication, and many many many more.

  Subjects in BBA:    

As you are aware now that BBA is a field of Management and Business Studies.

There are various topics related to business and management which you will cover during this course.

· Accounting

· Applied Statics

· Business Communication

· Presentation

· Management

· Marketing

· Understanding Market

· Geological Product Variation

· Product Creation Strategy

If you want to do BBA you should have passed the 12th examination with 50% marks in any stream.

If You have a commerce background it will be a bit easier to understand. You have to clear the Entrance Exam to Do BBA.


Doing BBA is an Expensive job, it becomes more expensive if you choose a private college or University.

Fees Can be in between 2-6 lakh. Private Universities decide their fees according to them. But if You Clear entrance by securing good marks you can get admission to Government College and can complete your course at a very affordable fee structure.

If you use other facilities like Bus, hostel, Gym your fees may increase. Facilities & Amenities are depending on each college and universities


 BBA is a professional course, there are lots of need for professionals in the industry.

You can Either Hired by any Company (if your university has campus placement) and you can Continue MBA or further studies with your work.

 Sometimes a company that hires you also pay you for further studies and gave you a stipend as well.

 OR if you are not hired You can do MBA or MCA. Both of these courses will enhance your portfolio in terms of qualification and you will get much experience as well which is much important and worthy in the professional world.


 After BBA you have lots of Scopes to do the JOB.

You can either choose the private or government sector as well.

All these profile jobs you can do after BBA and this will be your estimated salary packages.


Business Development ExecutiveRs. 3 LPA
Field Sales ExecutiveRs. 2.5 LPA
Financial AnalystRs. 4 LPA
Operations AnalystRs. 3.75 LPA
Market Research AnalystRs. 3.55 LPA

So, Doing BBA is an easy job and a good decision. it can be done by anyone.

Here you have you do some field experiments as well.

In case if your instructor asks you to do sell this particular thing in the market as an assignment after providing the proper training of selling.

BBA is double beneficial to those who are looking for doing MBA after it.

Because doing an MBA will increase their salary double, will double their experience, and double their growth as well.

you can expect to get a job in reputed and MNC company.


 BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications.

It is a computer degree and this is also a 3 years program.

BCA comes with lots of benefits. If you have done BCA there is no need of doing B.Ed. and you are counted graduated as well.

 BCA gave you lots and lots of scopes opportunities and earning sources but it all depends on you. Even from College 1st Year, you can start earning.

 WHO can do BCA?

 BCA can be done by anyone. If you are interested in a computer you can do as well.

No matter which background you came from. You need to pass 12th with more than 40/50 per cent and you can easily enrol in the BCA program.


 There is a total of 6 semesters in 3 Years. You will have 5 subjects each semester and every semester you will have new subjects.

Don’t worry!! I know you are thinking about how will you read if every semester subject is varying.

It’s Quite easy it’s not that much difficult. You will have enough time to read.

 These Subjects You Will Learn in BCA

  • Basic Fundamentals of Computer
  • Computer Networking
  • Operating System
  • Graphics Designing
  • C Programming
  • Desktop Publishing
  • C ++
  • HTML
  • MATHS (Compulsory in first 3 Semester)
  • English (Compulsory in first 3 Semester)

Your Syllabus can vary a bit according to the university you choose but moreover, it is based on Computer Programming Scripting, Desktop Publishing, and Basic applications of Computer.


  It will vary according to University and College you will choose. But for an idea, if you choose a private college you might have to pay 2-7 lakh but in a Government college, you can complete the whole 3 years course within just rupees 1-2 lakhs. 


You can’t even imagine how many opportunities you have after doing BCA. Let’s not confuse you. Let’s understand through a list. Here we Go…. 

  • If Your College has campus placement you and you have scored good grades for sure you are going to be placed.


  • You can start your own business by creating Business Websites and by providing Graphics Designing Services.


  • You can Start Freelancing After graduation, and do Work From Home.


  • You can start doing jobs from College also, there is a various option available on the internet.

 JOBS AFTER BCA:                         

Software DeveloperRs. 2.0LPA to 10LPA
Web DeveloperRs. 1.2LPA to 8.0LPA
ProgrammerRs. 1.5LPA to 20 LPA
System EngineerRs. 2.0LPA to 7.0 LPA
Graphics DesignerRs. 3.55LPA to 22 LPA

After doing BCA you can Do MCA if not then even after only BCA within 2-3 years you can do apply for big companies like TSC, Accenture, Wipro, Google, Facebook, and many more and can enjoy working with them in a home friendly environment. You can also check Google, Facebook’s office on YouTube.


   Are you still confused? I think not now. Isn’t it? So, what did you decide? Which course you should go to?

 Let’s Finalize Understanding by comparing both Courses.

1BBA is a 3 years program under the branch of Business Studies.BCA is a 3 Years Degree Program Where you learn about Computer Applications.
2BBA is not a Complete Education as Compare to BCA, it requires Further Studies.After doing BCA you can work from home and master the various skills and provide services.
3A Business-oriented Mindset person can Bang on in BBA.BCA can be done to business and to do a job as well.
4BBA is a long study program and has less income as compare to BCA.BCA can do a J curve in your career very swiftly. Because there is all online work and nowadays internet penetration in enlarging every day.
5You can Earn only By Reaching a Destination in your Study.You can work even from college and provide services online on Fiverr, guru, Upwork Etc.
6You can Earn LimitedThe sky is the Limit

It’s all about your ambition in mind which you are looking for. If You want to do a study of the market, business strategy, business creation principle, Business Expansion in that case you should go for BBA.

But if you are interested in Computer Programming, you are willing to do a job in companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Wipro, TCS, Accenture than you my friend kindly go for BCA without listening to anyone’s advice.

List of top colleges offering BBA and BCA course

  • Chandigarh University
  • SRM University, Chennai
  • Kalinga University, Bhubaneswar
  • ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Hyderabad
  • Nirma University, Ahmedabad
  • Alliance University, Bangalore
  • NIMS University, Jaipur
  • Amity University, Noida


Can I do BBA and BCA together?

No, you can not do BBA and BCA together.

If you want to enrol for both these courses simultaneously, then you cannot take admission

Yes, if you want to do both these courses together in distance mode, you can do it, but the field of both courses is different, then no student needs to do both together.

Which type of BBA is best?

There are more than 20 specializations under BBA course, some of them are in great demand today,

such as BBA in Business Administration, BBA in International Business, BBA in Finance, BBA in Information Technology etc.

Out of these, today many students are preferring BBA in information technology.


Although Now you are an expert to tell different between BBA and BCA, if not then don’t worry go upward and read it again.

All Information is here you just understand it well.

We hope you enjoy a lot reading this article and it clear all your doubts and provides all information to you. You can ask anything to us comment below

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