Best computer courses after 10th

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Best computer courses after 10th

What are the best computer courses after 10th is a very important point and It is necessary to have an idea for all those students who have passed tenth or are going to pass tenth and are looking forward to making a career in the field of computer or any other field.

Because computers are being used in every field today, and without basic computer knowledge, you will not be able to do a better course, nor will you be able to get a good job any further.

So it is important that whether you do intermediate after 10th, or do computer-related courses like a diploma or ITI or other computer certification course, it is very important for you to know which are the best computer courses, which Tenth level students can do.

To what extent the use of the computer is going to increase, you can guess from this that, in our new education policy, the emphasis is being given to teaching a basic computer to children from class VI.

You know that even today many people in our country do not have computer and internet education till the tenth standard.
So this article will be very helpful for all those students because they will get further information about how to make a good career by getting good knowledge about computer courses.

So if you have done tenth class, or are going to do, then you must have knowledge about some the computer courses mentioned below.

Basic Computer Course

Basic computer course is for students who do not have any knowledge of computers beforehand.

Under this, students are told about the most basics of a computer like- what is a computer, use of a keyboard, mouse, operating system, etc.

After this course, the student will get to know how to start and shut down the computer, as well as how to navigate the start application and operating system.

Creating new computer files and folders, copying and pasting folder items, typing in basic application Word, using the Internet by opening the browser, sending and receiving emails using the Internet, and also printing from the printer are taught.

This course is very useful for students of class 10 as well as young children and older people who have no knowledge of computers.

Course on Computer Concepts

For students who have basic knowledge of computers, a computer concept course is very important to prepare them for further computer programming and development course.

During this course, students are given knowledge of C and C++ programming, along with some other programming basics.

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering is also an excellent course in the computer sector that can be done after the tenth, after which you can get a good job, and further can take your knowledge to a very high level by doing Engineering in the computer field or any other computer-related course.

Any student can join this course 10th pass, and this course starts with basic computer, so it is not necessary for the student to have knowledge of computer beforehand.

After this 3-year course, students also become eligible for all posts of Computer Engineered Junior Engineer.

After this course, students get medium-level knowledge of programming and different types of development such as web development, application development, software development, etc., so that they can get good private and government sector jobs.

ITI in computer

If students who have passed 10th want to do a computer-related course, after which they get a certificate and can start working in the computer field in a short time, then for them doing ITI from computer-related trade is a great option.

The best computer-related ITI course is ITI Copa and ITI IT.
While ITI Copa is a 1-year basic computer course, during which the skills required to become a computer operator are taught, the same ITI IT is a 2-year course during which students are also given information about computer operation and programming.

Even after doing ITI Copa and ITI IT courses, students are expected to get good government and private jobs.

Many times students are advised that if they want to do some computer-related course, then it is better to do ITI Copa course because after this 1-year course they will also have a good certificate and good knowledge. Also, after which he will be able to do a good job anywhere.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a very fast-growing computer-related sector, whose students with knowledge are getting good jobs with a good salary.

Graphic design is the process of creating visual content through which information or message can be easily communicated to a large group with ease.

Today with the speed with which the use of computer and the internet is increasing, there is a need for many graphic designers, who can contribute to designing websites, developing applications, etc.

Today, there are many job opportunities for students who have done graphic designing courses in advertising agencies, print and publishing houses, TV and multimedia production houses, graphic design studios, e-learning companies, etc.

Web development

Web development is also an excellent course after the tenth, after which a student can earn a good job by doing website development.

Under the web development course, students are given knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as database management PHP etc.

The application development and software development course become very easy for the students who have taken a website development course.

Application development

Our mobile phone has become a smartphone today, and one of the reasons behind it is the presence of a mobile application, today we have an application for each of our jobs, which makes our work very easy.

Whether it is about banking, travel booking, or social chatting, we are doing all the work on our smartphone with the help of the application itself, then doing a course of application development can be a very good futuristic decision.

After which students will not have any problem in getting a good job with a good salary.

During this course, students are taught about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python as well as database management.

software development

Whenever we work on a computer or laptop, we do a lot of important work with the help of different types of software,

and the course of making this software is software development, that can also be a great course, for students after tenth

Students can get a good job and a good salary even on software developer post

During this course, students are taught HTML CSS JavaScript, Java Python etc.

Top 10 Best computer courses after 10th


The animation sector is growing very fast today

You can see the increasing impact of animation in cinema, television and advertising.

Animation is being used everywhere today, so together there is a need for animation courses for youngsters who can do advanced animation work.

After passing the tenth, there are many types of animation courses, which you can earn well by doing, and you can take your career further in the animation sector itself.

Animation course can be from 1 year to 3 years, according to which level of knowledge you want to get, you can join this course.

Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting

A lot of work in the finance sector is done today with the help of computers, which requires a lot of software and applications.

If a student takes an advanced diploma in financial accounting course then they have to do accountancy related work with the help of the computer.

If a student is interested in commerce as well as the computer sector, then he can earn very well by doing this course.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing means marketing that is done using digital means internet.

Today digital marketing is becoming a very big market, and all the big and small companies are using digital marketing to grow their business.

Many people who are taking a course in digital marketing, either for a company or for themselves, do digital marketing work and take their business forward.

In many surveys, digital marketing has been described as a hot course, which today many people who have already done very good courses such as engineering or MBA, are also doing it.

Under Digital Marketing, students are taught all the modern skills through which they can reach their products to maximum customers.

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