Best Polytechnic (Diploma in Engineering ) courses – 2021

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Best Polytechnic (Diploma in Engineering ) courses – 2021

For students who have passed class 10th, or who have completed 12th, and are thinking of doing a diploma in engineering, then it is very important for them to know which are the best branches of polytechnics.

There are more than 30 branches under Polytechnic or Diploma in Engineering courses, but which of those branches would be better to do the course, it is very important to know before admission for any student

So in this article, you will be told which course will be better according to the many available parameters for polytechnics.

All the branches will be tested at some important points, such as what is the chance of a job after taking a course from a branch, and what will be the expectation of a government job in that.

After doing polytechnic from a branch, which course one can join under higher education, and which papers one has to study during a branch, everything will be explained in detail in this article.

10 Best Polytechnic Courses

Following are the 10 best courses of polytechnics-

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

The computer and IT sector is the fastest-growing sector in the world, and students who do diploma in computers,  also get a chance to be a part of this fast-growing sector.

Under Computer Science, you have to study related subjects from the computer and IT.
You are taught about different types of coding technology, basic software development, basic application development, etc.

After this course, you can get to work in companies related to the computer and IT sector, or computer-related work in any other kind of company.

On the other hand, if you do engineering after this course, then you can get admission in computer science engineering, information technology, computer software engineering and other computer-related branches in the second year.

Students doing a diploma with the computer have a lot of private job prospects, but government job chances are very less.

Both the Diploma in Computer Engineering and Diploma in Information Technology branches are almost the same, and if a student is not getting admission in Diploma in Computer Engineering, then he can proceed in computer sector by taking admission in Diploma in Information Technology.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Talking about the second-best polytechnic course, a diploma in civil engineering is a great option.

this branch is related to construction, and there is a lot of hope of getting a good government and private sector job, as you can see around you, a lot of construction work is happening everywhere.

During this course, you are taught about things related to building design, building materials and other types of construction.

After doing this course, you can also work in private construction companies along with the post of junior engineer from the government.

If after this course you think of admission in engineering, then you can get admission in the branch of civil engineering, civil infrastructure etc.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Looking at the future and available jobs in the electrical field, we can place a Diploma in Electrical Engineering at number three.

This branch is about electricity, so during this, you are taught about what is electricity, electricity generation, electrical machines, electricity transmission, etc.

After doing a polytechnic in electrical, you can work on the post of a junior engineer in the government as well as private electricity and transmission companies.

Today any of our work is difficult without electricity, so there is a possibility of employment for a lot of people in this field.

After this course, if you think of admission in engineering, then you can get admission in Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication as well as other electrical branches.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Talk about the fourth-best diploma in an engineering course, it is a mechanical branch.

This branch is about mechanical machines, machine design, machine fittings and other types of production.

During this course, you have to read subjects related to mechanical machine, mechanical machine design, machine fitting etc.

Even after this course, you can apply for the post of Junior Engineer and get a job in many private sector manufacturing and machine-related companies.
There is a lot of possibility of a government job after this course.

If you think of doing engineering after this course, then you can also take admission into mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, mechanical production and some other branches related to mechanical.

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Given the number of jobs in the electronics field and the future of electronics, we can place a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering at number five.

This course is related to electronics and communication, meaning during this you will have to study different subjects of electronics and communication such as basic electronic, digital electronic, basic communication, telecommunications etc.

After this course, you can get a job in government and private sector companies of communication and telecommunication sector

After this course, most of the students today get the job of junior engineer post in different telecommunication companies like Jio, Airtel etc.

If students of Diploma in Electronics and Communication want to do engineering, then they can take admission in electronics and communication engineering, telecommunication engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, electronic instrumentation engineering and electronic branch.

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Looking at the future and growth of the automobile sector, we can place automobile engineering at number six.

A diploma in an automobile engineering course is about the automobile sector, meaning it’s about vehicles.

During this course, students are taught topics related to manufacturing and maintenance of all types of mechanical and electrical trains.

After doing a diploma in an automobile engineering course, students get a job easily in automobile sector companies like Tata, Hyundai, Maruti etc.

After this course, students can expect a good salary and career.

If a student wants to do engineering after doing polytechnic from automobiles, then he can get admission in automobile engineering and mechanical engineering as well as some other branches related to automobiles.

Top 10 Best polytechnic course in India


Diploma in Biotechnology

Talking about the seventh-best polytechnic course, the diploma in biotechnology comes.

This polytechnic course is a combined form of biology and technology

This course is about how technology can be better used in the biology and medical fields.

During this course, students have to study biology papers as well as technical papers.

This is a polytechnic course during which students are given knowledge of mathematics, biology and chemistry subject

After this course, students can get jobs in pharmacy companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals etc.

If after this course, the student wants to do engineering, then he can join engineering in the second year directly from Biotech Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Bio info Engineering and some other engineering branches related to Bio.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Diploma in Chemical Engineering is also an excellent polytechnic course, which I will place at number eight

This course is about chemicals, so students have to study a lot of chemistry papers during this

Students those who have an interest in chemistry, if they do this course, it will be better for them.

There are a lot of job opportunities in the government and private sector after this course, and this course is available in very few colleges, so very few students are able to do this course, and there is not much competition during the job.

After this course, students are expected to get good jobs in chemical, petroleum and pharmacy companies with good salaries.

Many students get jobs in the petroleum sector after this course in Gulf countries such as Arab, UAE etc. with good packages.
Even after this course, there is good hope of government job

And after this course, if the student wants to do engineering, then he can take admission in branches like chemical engineering, petroleum engineering etc.

Diploma in Agriculture Engineering

And speaking of the ninth-best polytechnic course, I would place a Diploma in Agricultural Engineering at number nine.

This course is about agriculture, and during this, students have to read papers on chemistry, agriculture, environment etc.

After doing this course, students get jobs in companies of agriculture and chemical sector, along with the possibility of government jobs in the agriculture sector.

After this course, if the student wants to do engineering, he can do agriculture engineering and food processing engineering.

Diploma in Aerospace Engineering

The best polytechnic course which comes at number ten is the Diploma in Aerospace Engineering.

The Diploma in Aerospace Engineering is about aerospace and different types of flights.

Today a lot of progress is being made in the aerospace sector, and hence the students doing diplomas from this branch can also expect a good future.

After this course, students can get jobs in government and private companies in the field of aerospace and aeronautical.

If after this course the student wants to do engineering, then he can do aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering


Apart from the above mentioned 10 best diplomae in engineering courses, there are many polytechnic courses, after which students can imagine a better future, and students must know about them too-

  • Diploma in Interior Decoration
  • Diploma in Art and Craft
  • Diploma in Fashion Engineering
  • Diploma in Ceramic Engineering
  • Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • Diploma in Mining Engineering
  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Diploma in Power Engineering
  • Diploma in Production Engineering
  • Diploma in Textile Engineering
  • Diploma in Environmental Engineering
  • Diploma in metallurgical engineering
  • Diploma in Infrastructure Engineering

Students who do Diploma in Engineering course, if they understand their subject well during the course, and understand the concepts mentioned in the lab, they can expect a good job after the polytechnic course.

Many students take a few years of work experience after doing a diploma in engineering courses and then get a very good salary by doing engineering.

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