How to prepare for SSC MTS Examination in 3 three months?

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How to prepare for SSC MTS Examination in 3 three months?

Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC MTS Examination to recruit candidates in grade C clerical and multi-tasking jobs in government departments. In the SSC MTS Examination, each year millions of aspirants appear to secure a government job. The eligibility criteria for the SSC MTS Examination is just the matriculation making it an easy entry option for the candidates into the government jobs. Henceforth, if you also aspire to join a government job at a young age, SSC MTS can be the solution. Considering the same, we will discuss the preparation tips to ace the SSC MTS Examination in just three months.

Best preparation Hacks for SSC MTS Examination

Considering the basic syllabus of the SSC MTS Examination coupled with a decent SSC MTS Salary, a candidate will have to beat lakhs of aspirants to secure the job through MTS. Henceforth, here are the practical preparation tips to beat the tough MTS competition in just three months. 

  • Create a Plan: Since the SSC MTS Syllabus includes four sections, you will have to smartly plan your preparation strategy to complete the syllabus as quickly as possible. The candidate should pay special attention to completing Maths & GK subjects as they are a bit lengthy. Also, you should allocate time to the topics in accordance with their weightage. Like, in Maths, give ample time to Arithmetic chapters as the majority of questions asked in the SSC MTS are from the arithmetic section only. And, for Advance Maths just focus on basic properties and formulas as the questions asked in the SSC MTS from Advance Maths are very basic in nature. Similarly, the Gk Section tries to focus more on static information and current affairs.

●      Strict Exam Pattern: If you want to complete your SSC MTS Syllabus on time, you should strictly study according to the official syllabus. Instead of hovering over any random topics, analyze the exam pattern and study according to it. Like, according to the recent trends, the weightage of Current Affairs in the GK section has increased, so the candidate should give more attention to current affairs. The same goes for other subjects as well, you should analyze and then study accordingly.

  • Create Last Week Revision List in Advance: The last week before any examination is very important. It can be a deciding week in your preparation journey for the SSC MTS Examination, hence plan it well. Like, you should have a list of important topics which you will revise or practice one more time before the exam. These topics can be important formulas, Vocabs, current affairs, important Maths questions, Reasoning Series Questions, etc. But ensure, once the SSC MTS Admit Card is out, avoid studying anything new, just revise and practice what you have already studied.
  • Study only Relevant Topics: In the SSC MTS Examination, you have to be picky. You will have to choose between what is important from an exam perspective and what is not. Instead of randomly studying, you should devise a plan to give more time to important and scoring topics first and then study less important topics. For Maths and Reasoning, once you complete the basic theory, switch to practice.
  • Don’t try to become perfect in GK: Yes, in the SSC MTS Examination, the Gk syllabus is very lengthy. In fact, even if you complete the whole syllabus there is no surety that you will score more than 80% in this section. Henceforth, instead of trying to become a master in the GK Section, focus only on important topics which are usually asked in the exam. And, allocate the remaining time to Maths and English, as they demand more practice.


You can easily cover the SSC MTS Syllabus in a few months if you study smartly. All you need to do is to study the basics of Maths, basic Grammar Rules & Vocabs in English, practice Reasoning Quizzes, and Study Important GK topics & Current Affairs. Just follow these tips earnestly and you will be able to easily cover the syllabus in time.

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