Importance of Girl Education

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Importance of Girl Education

Girl’s education- The need for the time

Education is the only way to achieve the Women’s Empowerment goal truly.

For India or almost all the countries of the world, nearly half of the total population is women.

If we have to achieve any goal, then women have to be made partners in it.

And any human being can understand any goal or thing better only when he/she is educated.

This is the development phase of India and many other countries, and when the whole population will be educated,

then only our country or any other country will be developed in real meaning.

Anyway, it has been said that if you educate a girl, it means that you have educated an entire family and a society.

Therefore the girl’s education is very important and we will discuss some of its more important aspects below.


Benefits of girl education

A girl needs a lot of confidence to be a better parent, worker, and citizen, and that confidence she gets by proper education only.

Education provides the chance of a healthier and happier life for women.

So its very important to provide girls education on a larger scale.

An educated woman will also be more productive at work and better paid.

Educated women have a higher chance of escaping poverty, leading to healthy and more productive lives,

and raising their standard of living along with their children’s,  families and communities.

Top reasons why we all should support girl’s education-

  • To reduce the maternal mortality rate
  • To Reduce the infant mortality rate
  • To improve social growth
  • To reduce child marriage.
  • To reduce population growth
  • To decrease malnutrition.
  • To reduce domestic violence & sexual violence.

all the above said social targets can be easily achieved with proper girl Education.

Importance of Girl Education


Today girls are contributing to every field, but it is also a fact that even today, getting basic education to many girls is a challenge.


Challenges of girl education

The low awareness scale is a big reason for girl education.

The government is providing so many programs for uplifting girl’s education.

Conservative Traditionalism is also a very big obstacle in the field of girl education.

Lack of social consciousness among women.

Lack of a proper education system.

the education of girls and women is an integral part of national development so its very important to work on girl education.

Necessary arrangements for a good education should be available everywhere.

The awaking among Indian women has been really considered during recent years.

Apart from being a wife and a mother, a woman must play a decisive role in the country’s progress and planning?

she must develop herself to successfully play these roles, and she can only do this with mutual cooperation of the educational set – up of her country and herself.

Our girls have all the potential qualities, mental, physical,  but these will have to be nourished and cherished until they grow into the full and glorious womanhood.

Following are some important reasons behind the illiteracy of girls-

  • Poverty
  • Child Marriage
  • Religious Reasons
  • Parental Negative Thinking
  • Distance from School
  • Child Labor.

Importance of girl education

The girls are future mothers of any society.

Schools can provide girls with life skills, reproductive health knowledge, and social space to discuss issues.

Many of the changes that come with the education of girls are as follows-

Economic empowerment-

There is no means of development if our half-population is dependent on men’s.

Economic independence and empowerment will come when we educate every girl child.

Improved life-

education of a girl child helps in the improvement of a good life.

She will know her rights.  There will be a general improvement in her life.

improved health-

she will be able to know about better health options and facilities.  Through education,  they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dignity and honor-

An empowered woman can be a source of inspiration for thousands of girls who can make them their role models.

Profession by interest-

Only after getting the right education, girls will be able to choose the profession of their choice.


Ways to improve girl education:- 

It is crucial to enhance girl education in our country.

In rural areas, the percentage is deficient in girl education, where we can see a massive drop out rate among them.

The right education-

Right education is a tool that can help a girl to choose and create a better future.

Access to even primary education can help empower the girl’s school.

Girl empowerment begins at grass root levels. Only through education and creating awareness, we can create a developed nation.

Gender equality is also a topic on which we will work; we can get a good improvement in girl education.

For this, first of all, the family should be aware of girls’ education and the fundamental rights of a girl child.

Girl safety-

When girls have to travel long distances, they are feared to attacked by someone.

We should work on self-defense training for all the girl students.

That will build self-confidence among them, which will be very beneficial for their life and development of our society and nation.

A shareholder in the property-

By giving equal rights to girls in their ancestral property, the way of their empowerment can be cleared.


Why it is important to educate a girl?  

An educated girl will turn an independent woman if the future,  she will know her duties and rights to her country,  society, and family.

She can provide better education to her children’s can earn money and this will help in building a developed nation and healthy society

What is the Importance of Being Educated?

The educated person can understand anything better and quickly, he/she can make society a better place to live together.


This blog is submitted by- Rupali Sharma (founder of Yashshawini family a group working for women welfare and girls education) 

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