What is NCVT & SCVT, difference between NCVT and SCVT

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What is NCVT & SCVT, difference between NCVT and SCVT

For students who think of doing ITI after the tenth, it is very important to know some important things related to ITI.
One of the important things is that their ITI institute is accredited with NCVT or SCVT.

In this article, you will get complete information about NCVT and SCVT.

Before we know what is the difference between NCVT and SCVT, and which of the two is better, we must know what is NCVT and SCVT.

What is NCVT?

NCVT stands for National Council of Vocational Training, this council works at the national level, meaning for the whole of India.
And in simple language, vocational training means professional training.

NCVT full form is National Council of Vocational Training.

NCVT is an organization of the Government of India, whose job is to ensure that all the ITIs of India which come under NCVT are fully followed by the Ministry of Skill Development and all the rules of the Government of India.

The NCVT was established in 1956, which functions as an advisory body of the Government of India.

The goal of the government is that the students doing ITI get good professional knowledge so that they can learn new skills and do technical work.

For this, the ITI institutes have to fulfil certain prerequisites, and all those conditions form by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Director General of Training and Government of India, which NCVT implements in all ITI institutes.

Understand the work of NCVT in easy languages, like for any engineering college there is AICTE and UGC, which ensures that the lab facility, faculty, infrastructure, curriculum, etc. of an engineering college is as per the modern standards.
In the same way, NCVT supervises ITI institutes and ensures that all ITIs are meeting all modern standards regarding their infrastructure, lab facility, workshops, faculty, etc.

Due to the efforts of NCVT, many necessary changes have taken place in ITI institutes today and the quality of education has improved a lot.


What is SCVT?

SCVT stands for State Council of Vocational Training, so as the name suggests, this council works at the state level.

The work of SCVT is to monitor ITI institutions like NCVT but at the state level.

Each state has its own separate SCVT, whose job is to ensure that all the necessary rules are fully followed in the ITI institutes of that state.

Today most of the ITI institutes of India come under NCVT and few ITI colleges are under SCVT.


Difference between NCVT and SCVT

Until a few years ago, there used to be a huge difference between NCVT and SCVT, due to which many times students and job seekers also faced many problems.

Given this, the Government of India and the State Governments together took several necessary steps to bridge the gap between NCVT and SCVT.

After which today NCVT and SCVT are almost the same, yet some of the difference between NCVT and SCVT is-

  • NCVT works for the entire country while SCVT works for a state.
  • In NCVT, the exam is a semester wise, whereas even today some SCVT has an early exam.
  • On the official website of NCVT, you can see all the necessary information in one place, while every state has a different website for SCVT.
  • NCVT covers more than 15000 ITI institutes from all over India, while SCVT has very few ITI institutes all over India.
  • Even today, in some private jobs, the SCVT people have to face some problems, while the NCVT people have no problem in getting jobs not only in India but also in any other country.


NCVT and SCVT difference


What is NCVT MIS?

NCVT MIS stands for NCVT Management Information System.

NCVT MIS is an administrative information system, where computerized database details are available for all ITI institutes, enrollment, faculty members and institute placements.

Apart from this, all the necessary information that ITI students need is available on the official website of NCVT MIS.

Students can view a lot of required information on the NCVT MIS website, download any required document, and verify their document.

The NCVT MIS portal is very useful for ITI students, ITI trainers and all ITI job providers.

The official website of NCVT MIS is ncvtmis.gov.in.

Who is better among NCVT and SVCT?

If seen today, there is not much difference between NCVT and SCVT, and it is very difficult to say which of these two is better.

Today you do your ITI with NCVT, or SCVT, you can do all kinds of government and private jobs without any difference.
Even in Indian Railways, which gives the highest government jobs, you can do the job with both the certificates.

But NCVT rules are the same for the whole country, so many times students are advised that if you are getting the option of NCVT, then you can choose it.

So if you have both NCVT and SCVT option, then you give more preference to NCVT, and if you do not have NCVT option then only join SCVT ITI Institute

Some engineering and non-engineering trades under NCVT and SCVT

Engineering trades

  • ITI Electrician
  • Fitter
  • ITI Surveyor
  • ITI Draftsman Civil
  • ITI Welder
  • ITI Copa
  • ITI Motor Mechanic Vehicle
  • ITI Turner
  • ITI Automobile
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Pump operator
  • AC & Refrigerator Mechanic
  • Tool and die maker
  • Information technology

Non-engineering trade

  • Food processing
  • Dressmaking
  • Insurance agent
  • Stenographer
  • Lab technician
  • Footwear Manufacturing
  • Leather Goods Maker
  • Hand compositor

Should I do ITI from government college or private college?

Today, if you do ITI from a government college or private college, both get equal value.

Yes, it definitely happens that tuition fees are very low in a government ITI institute, whereas in private colleges you have to pay more tuition fees.

So if you are also going to join the government ITI college, then keep in mind that that college is NCVT accredited, and the college is near your home only then you will be able to complete your course for less.

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