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How to prepare for SSC MTS Examination in 3 three months?

Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC MTS Examination to recruit candidates in grade C clerical and multi-tasking jobs in government departments. In the SSC MTS Examination, each year millions of aspirants appear to secure a government job. The eligibility criteria for the SSC MTS Examination is just the matriculation making it an easy entry option for the candidates into the government jobs. Henceforth, if you also aspire to join a government job at a young age, SSC MTS can be the solution. Considering the same, we will discuss the preparation tips to ace the SSC MTS Examination in just three months.

Best preparation Hacks for SSC MTS Examination

Considering the basic syllabus of the SSC MTS Examination coupled with a decent SSC MTS Salary, a candidate will have to beat lakhs of aspirants to secure the job through MTS. Henceforth, here are the practical preparation tips to beat the tough MTS competition in just three months. 

  • Create a Plan: Since the SSC MTS Syllabus includes four sections, you will have to smartly plan your preparation strategy to complete the syllabus as quickly as possible. The candidate should pay special attention to completing Maths & GK subjects as they are a bit lengthy. Also, you should allocate time to the topics in accordance with their weightage. Like, in Maths, give ample time to Arithmetic chapters as the majority of questions asked in the SSC MTS are from the arithmetic section only. And, for Advance Maths just focus on basic properties and formulas as the questions asked in the SSC MTS from Advance Maths are very basic in nature. Similarly, the Gk Section tries to focus more on static information and current affairs.

●      Strict Exam Pattern: If you want to complete your SSC MTS Syllabus on time, you should strictly study according to the official syllabus. Instead of hovering over any random topics, analyze the exam pattern and study according to it. Like, according to the recent trends, the weightage of Current Affairs in the GK section has increased, so the candidate should give more attention to current affairs. The same goes for other subjects as well, you should analyze and then study accordingly.

  • Create Last Week Revision List in Advance: The last week before any examination is very important. It can be a deciding week in your preparation journey for the SSC MTS Examination, hence plan it well. Like, you should have a list of important topics which you will revise or practice one more time before the exam. These topics can be important formulas, Vocabs, current affairs, important Maths questions, Reasoning Series Questions, etc. But ensure, once the SSC MTS Admit Card is out, avoid studying anything new, just revise and practice what you have already studied.
  • Study only Relevant Topics: In the SSC MTS Examination, you have to be picky. You will have to choose between what is important from an exam perspective and what is not. Instead of randomly studying, you should devise a plan to give more time to important and scoring topics first and then study less important topics. For Maths and Reasoning, once you complete the basic theory, switch to practice.
  • Don’t try to become perfect in GK: Yes, in the SSC MTS Examination, the Gk syllabus is very lengthy. In fact, even if you complete the whole syllabus there is no surety that you will score more than 80% in this section. Henceforth, instead of trying to become a master in the GK Section, focus only on important topics which are usually asked in the exam. And, allocate the remaining time to Maths and English, as they demand more practice.


You can easily cover the SSC MTS Syllabus in a few months if you study smartly. All you need to do is to study the basics of Maths, basic Grammar Rules & Vocabs in English, practice Reasoning Quizzes, and Study Important GK topics & Current Affairs. Just follow these tips earnestly and you will be able to easily cover the syllabus in time.

Best computer courses after 10th

What are the best computer courses after 10th is a very important point and It is necessary to have an idea for all those students who have passed tenth or are going to pass tenth and are looking forward to making a career in the field of computer or any other field.

Because computers are being used in every field today, and without basic computer knowledge, you will not be able to do a better course, nor will you be able to get a good job any further.

So it is important that whether you do intermediate after 10th, or do computer-related courses like a diploma or ITI or other computer certification course, it is very important for you to know which are the best computer courses, which Tenth level students can do.

To what extent the use of the computer is going to increase, you can guess from this that, in our new education policy, the emphasis is being given to teaching a basic computer to children from class VI.

You know that even today many people in our country do not have computer and internet education till the tenth standard.
So this article will be very helpful for all those students because they will get further information about how to make a good career by getting good knowledge about computer courses.

So if you have done tenth class, or are going to do, then you must have knowledge about some the computer courses mentioned below.

Basic Computer Course

Basic computer course is for students who do not have any knowledge of computers beforehand.

Under this, students are told about the most basics of a computer like- what is a computer, use of a keyboard, mouse, operating system, etc.

After this course, the student will get to know how to start and shut down the computer, as well as how to navigate the start application and operating system.

Creating new computer files and folders, copying and pasting folder items, typing in basic application Word, using the Internet by opening the browser, sending and receiving emails using the Internet, and also printing from the printer are taught.

This course is very useful for students of class 10 as well as young children and older people who have no knowledge of computers.

Course on Computer Concepts

For students who have basic knowledge of computers, a computer concept course is very important to prepare them for further computer programming and development course.

During this course, students are given knowledge of C and C++ programming, along with some other programming basics.

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering is also an excellent course in the computer sector that can be done after the tenth, after which you can get a good job, and further can take your knowledge to a very high level by doing Engineering in the computer field or any other computer-related course.

Any student can join this course 10th pass, and this course starts with basic computer, so it is not necessary for the student to have knowledge of computer beforehand.

After this 3-year course, students also become eligible for all posts of Computer Engineered Junior Engineer.

After this course, students get medium-level knowledge of programming and different types of development such as web development, application development, software development, etc., so that they can get good private and government sector jobs.

ITI in computer

If students who have passed 10th want to do a computer-related course, after which they get a certificate and can start working in the computer field in a short time, then for them doing ITI from computer-related trade is a great option.

The best computer-related ITI course is ITI Copa and ITI IT.
While ITI Copa is a 1-year basic computer course, during which the skills required to become a computer operator are taught, the same ITI IT is a 2-year course during which students are also given information about computer operation and programming.

Even after doing ITI Copa and ITI IT courses, students are expected to get good government and private jobs.

Many times students are advised that if they want to do some computer-related course, then it is better to do ITI Copa course because after this 1-year course they will also have a good certificate and good knowledge. Also, after which he will be able to do a good job anywhere.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a very fast-growing computer-related sector, whose students with knowledge are getting good jobs with a good salary.

Graphic design is the process of creating visual content through which information or message can be easily communicated to a large group with ease.

Today with the speed with which the use of computer and the internet is increasing, there is a need for many graphic designers, who can contribute to designing websites, developing applications, etc.

Today, there are many job opportunities for students who have done graphic designing courses in advertising agencies, print and publishing houses, TV and multimedia production houses, graphic design studios, e-learning companies, etc.

Web development

Web development is also an excellent course after the tenth, after which a student can earn a good job by doing website development.

Under the web development course, students are given knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as database management PHP etc.

The application development and software development course become very easy for the students who have taken a website development course.

Application development

Our mobile phone has become a smartphone today, and one of the reasons behind it is the presence of a mobile application, today we have an application for each of our jobs, which makes our work very easy.

Whether it is about banking, travel booking, or social chatting, we are doing all the work on our smartphone with the help of the application itself, then doing a course of application development can be a very good futuristic decision.

After which students will not have any problem in getting a good job with a good salary.

During this course, students are taught about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python as well as database management.

software development

Whenever we work on a computer or laptop, we do a lot of important work with the help of different types of software,

and the course of making this software is software development, that can also be a great course, for students after tenth

Students can get a good job and a good salary even on software developer post

During this course, students are taught HTML CSS JavaScript, Java Python etc.

Top 10 Best computer courses after 10th


The animation sector is growing very fast today

You can see the increasing impact of animation in cinema, television and advertising.

Animation is being used everywhere today, so together there is a need for animation courses for youngsters who can do advanced animation work.

After passing the tenth, there are many types of animation courses, which you can earn well by doing, and you can take your career further in the animation sector itself.

Animation course can be from 1 year to 3 years, according to which level of knowledge you want to get, you can join this course.

Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting

A lot of work in the finance sector is done today with the help of computers, which requires a lot of software and applications.

If a student takes an advanced diploma in financial accounting course then they have to do accountancy related work with the help of the computer.

If a student is interested in commerce as well as the computer sector, then he can earn very well by doing this course.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing means marketing that is done using digital means internet.

Today digital marketing is becoming a very big market, and all the big and small companies are using digital marketing to grow their business.

Many people who are taking a course in digital marketing, either for a company or for themselves, do digital marketing work and take their business forward.

In many surveys, digital marketing has been described as a hot course, which today many people who have already done very good courses such as engineering or MBA, are also doing it.

Under Digital Marketing, students are taught all the modern skills through which they can reach their products to maximum customers.

so, friends, I hope you like this post, for any query please comment and let me know.

Best Polytechnic (Diploma in Engineering ) courses – 2021

For students who have passed class 10th, or who have completed 12th, and are thinking of doing a diploma in engineering, then it is very important for them to know which are the best branches of polytechnics.

There are more than 30 branches under Polytechnic or Diploma in Engineering courses, but which of those branches would be better to do the course, it is very important to know before admission for any student

So in this article, you will be told which course will be better according to the many available parameters for polytechnics.

All the branches will be tested at some important points, such as what is the chance of a job after taking a course from a branch, and what will be the expectation of a government job in that.

After doing polytechnic from a branch, which course one can join under higher education, and which papers one has to study during a branch, everything will be explained in detail in this article.

10 Best Polytechnic Courses

Following are the 10 best courses of polytechnics-

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

The computer and IT sector is the fastest-growing sector in the world, and students who do diploma in computers,  also get a chance to be a part of this fast-growing sector.

Under Computer Science, you have to study related subjects from the computer and IT.
You are taught about different types of coding technology, basic software development, basic application development, etc.

After this course, you can get to work in companies related to the computer and IT sector, or computer-related work in any other kind of company.

On the other hand, if you do engineering after this course, then you can get admission in computer science engineering, information technology, computer software engineering and other computer-related branches in the second year.

Students doing a diploma with the computer have a lot of private job prospects, but government job chances are very less.

Both the Diploma in Computer Engineering and Diploma in Information Technology branches are almost the same, and if a student is not getting admission in Diploma in Computer Engineering, then he can proceed in computer sector by taking admission in Diploma in Information Technology.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Talking about the second-best polytechnic course, a diploma in civil engineering is a great option.

this branch is related to construction, and there is a lot of hope of getting a good government and private sector job, as you can see around you, a lot of construction work is happening everywhere.

During this course, you are taught about things related to building design, building materials and other types of construction.

After doing this course, you can also work in private construction companies along with the post of junior engineer from the government.

If after this course you think of admission in engineering, then you can get admission in the branch of civil engineering, civil infrastructure etc.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Looking at the future and available jobs in the electrical field, we can place a Diploma in Electrical Engineering at number three.

This branch is about electricity, so during this, you are taught about what is electricity, electricity generation, electrical machines, electricity transmission, etc.

After doing a polytechnic in electrical, you can work on the post of a junior engineer in the government as well as private electricity and transmission companies.

Today any of our work is difficult without electricity, so there is a possibility of employment for a lot of people in this field.

After this course, if you think of admission in engineering, then you can get admission in Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication as well as other electrical branches.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Talk about the fourth-best diploma in an engineering course, it is a mechanical branch.

This branch is about mechanical machines, machine design, machine fittings and other types of production.

During this course, you have to read subjects related to mechanical machine, mechanical machine design, machine fitting etc.

Even after this course, you can apply for the post of Junior Engineer and get a job in many private sector manufacturing and machine-related companies.
There is a lot of possibility of a government job after this course.

If you think of doing engineering after this course, then you can also take admission into mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, mechanical production and some other branches related to mechanical.

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Given the number of jobs in the electronics field and the future of electronics, we can place a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering at number five.

This course is related to electronics and communication, meaning during this you will have to study different subjects of electronics and communication such as basic electronic, digital electronic, basic communication, telecommunications etc.

After this course, you can get a job in government and private sector companies of communication and telecommunication sector

After this course, most of the students today get the job of junior engineer post in different telecommunication companies like Jio, Airtel etc.

If students of Diploma in Electronics and Communication want to do engineering, then they can take admission in electronics and communication engineering, telecommunication engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, electronic instrumentation engineering and electronic branch.

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Looking at the future and growth of the automobile sector, we can place automobile engineering at number six.

A diploma in an automobile engineering course is about the automobile sector, meaning it’s about vehicles.

During this course, students are taught topics related to manufacturing and maintenance of all types of mechanical and electrical trains.

After doing a diploma in an automobile engineering course, students get a job easily in automobile sector companies like Tata, Hyundai, Maruti etc.

After this course, students can expect a good salary and career.

If a student wants to do engineering after doing polytechnic from automobiles, then he can get admission in automobile engineering and mechanical engineering as well as some other branches related to automobiles.

Top 10 Best polytechnic course in India


Diploma in Biotechnology

Talking about the seventh-best polytechnic course, the diploma in biotechnology comes.

This polytechnic course is a combined form of biology and technology

This course is about how technology can be better used in the biology and medical fields.

During this course, students have to study biology papers as well as technical papers.

This is a polytechnic course during which students are given knowledge of mathematics, biology and chemistry subject

After this course, students can get jobs in pharmacy companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals etc.

If after this course, the student wants to do engineering, then he can join engineering in the second year directly from Biotech Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Bio info Engineering and some other engineering branches related to Bio.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Diploma in Chemical Engineering is also an excellent polytechnic course, which I will place at number eight

This course is about chemicals, so students have to study a lot of chemistry papers during this

Students those who have an interest in chemistry, if they do this course, it will be better for them.

There are a lot of job opportunities in the government and private sector after this course, and this course is available in very few colleges, so very few students are able to do this course, and there is not much competition during the job.

After this course, students are expected to get good jobs in chemical, petroleum and pharmacy companies with good salaries.

Many students get jobs in the petroleum sector after this course in Gulf countries such as Arab, UAE etc. with good packages.
Even after this course, there is good hope of government job

And after this course, if the student wants to do engineering, then he can take admission in branches like chemical engineering, petroleum engineering etc.

Diploma in Agriculture Engineering

And speaking of the ninth-best polytechnic course, I would place a Diploma in Agricultural Engineering at number nine.

This course is about agriculture, and during this, students have to read papers on chemistry, agriculture, environment etc.

After doing this course, students get jobs in companies of agriculture and chemical sector, along with the possibility of government jobs in the agriculture sector.

After this course, if the student wants to do engineering, he can do agriculture engineering and food processing engineering.

Diploma in Aerospace Engineering

The best polytechnic course which comes at number ten is the Diploma in Aerospace Engineering.

The Diploma in Aerospace Engineering is about aerospace and different types of flights.

Today a lot of progress is being made in the aerospace sector, and hence the students doing diplomas from this branch can also expect a good future.

After this course, students can get jobs in government and private companies in the field of aerospace and aeronautical.

If after this course the student wants to do engineering, then he can do aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering


Apart from the above mentioned 10 best diplomae in engineering courses, there are many polytechnic courses, after which students can imagine a better future, and students must know about them too-

  • Diploma in Interior Decoration
  • Diploma in Art and Craft
  • Diploma in Fashion Engineering
  • Diploma in Ceramic Engineering
  • Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • Diploma in Mining Engineering
  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Diploma in Power Engineering
  • Diploma in Production Engineering
  • Diploma in Textile Engineering
  • Diploma in Environmental Engineering
  • Diploma in metallurgical engineering
  • Diploma in Infrastructure Engineering

Students who do Diploma in Engineering course, if they understand their subject well during the course, and understand the concepts mentioned in the lab, they can expect a good job after the polytechnic course.

Many students take a few years of work experience after doing a diploma in engineering courses and then get a very good salary by doing engineering.

Related important course-

Diploma in Information Technology

What is NCVT & SCVT, difference between NCVT and SCVT

For students who think of doing ITI after the tenth, it is very important to know some important things related to ITI.
One of the important things is that their ITI institute is accredited with NCVT or SCVT.

In this article, you will get complete information about NCVT and SCVT.

Before we know what is the difference between NCVT and SCVT, and which of the two is better, we must know what is NCVT and SCVT.

What is NCVT?

NCVT stands for National Council of Vocational Training, this council works at the national level, meaning for the whole of India.
And in simple language, vocational training means professional training.

NCVT full form is National Council of Vocational Training.

NCVT is an organization of the Government of India, whose job is to ensure that all the ITIs of India which come under NCVT are fully followed by the Ministry of Skill Development and all the rules of the Government of India.

The NCVT was established in 1956, which functions as an advisory body of the Government of India.

The goal of the government is that the students doing ITI get good professional knowledge so that they can learn new skills and do technical work.

For this, the ITI institutes have to fulfil certain prerequisites, and all those conditions form by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Director General of Training and Government of India, which NCVT implements in all ITI institutes.

Understand the work of NCVT in easy languages, like for any engineering college there is AICTE and UGC, which ensures that the lab facility, faculty, infrastructure, curriculum, etc. of an engineering college is as per the modern standards.
In the same way, NCVT supervises ITI institutes and ensures that all ITIs are meeting all modern standards regarding their infrastructure, lab facility, workshops, faculty, etc.

Due to the efforts of NCVT, many necessary changes have taken place in ITI institutes today and the quality of education has improved a lot.


What is SCVT?

SCVT stands for State Council of Vocational Training, so as the name suggests, this council works at the state level.

The work of SCVT is to monitor ITI institutions like NCVT but at the state level.

Each state has its own separate SCVT, whose job is to ensure that all the necessary rules are fully followed in the ITI institutes of that state.

Today most of the ITI institutes of India come under NCVT and few ITI colleges are under SCVT.


Difference between NCVT and SCVT

Until a few years ago, there used to be a huge difference between NCVT and SCVT, due to which many times students and job seekers also faced many problems.

Given this, the Government of India and the State Governments together took several necessary steps to bridge the gap between NCVT and SCVT.

After which today NCVT and SCVT are almost the same, yet some of the difference between NCVT and SCVT is-

  • NCVT works for the entire country while SCVT works for a state.
  • In NCVT, the exam is a semester wise, whereas even today some SCVT has an early exam.
  • On the official website of NCVT, you can see all the necessary information in one place, while every state has a different website for SCVT.
  • NCVT covers more than 15000 ITI institutes from all over India, while SCVT has very few ITI institutes all over India.
  • Even today, in some private jobs, the SCVT people have to face some problems, while the NCVT people have no problem in getting jobs not only in India but also in any other country.


NCVT and SCVT difference


What is NCVT MIS?

NCVT MIS stands for NCVT Management Information System.

NCVT MIS is an administrative information system, where computerized database details are available for all ITI institutes, enrollment, faculty members and institute placements.

Apart from this, all the necessary information that ITI students need is available on the official website of NCVT MIS.

Students can view a lot of required information on the NCVT MIS website, download any required document, and verify their document.

The NCVT MIS portal is very useful for ITI students, ITI trainers and all ITI job providers.

The official website of NCVT MIS is

Who is better among NCVT and SVCT?

If seen today, there is not much difference between NCVT and SCVT, and it is very difficult to say which of these two is better.

Today you do your ITI with NCVT, or SCVT, you can do all kinds of government and private jobs without any difference.
Even in Indian Railways, which gives the highest government jobs, you can do the job with both the certificates.

But NCVT rules are the same for the whole country, so many times students are advised that if you are getting the option of NCVT, then you can choose it.

So if you have both NCVT and SCVT option, then you give more preference to NCVT, and if you do not have NCVT option then only join SCVT ITI Institute

Some engineering and non-engineering trades under NCVT and SCVT

Engineering trades

  • ITI Electrician
  • Fitter
  • ITI Surveyor
  • ITI Draftsman Civil
  • ITI Welder
  • ITI Copa
  • ITI Motor Mechanic Vehicle
  • ITI Turner
  • ITI Automobile
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Pump operator
  • AC & Refrigerator Mechanic
  • Tool and die maker
  • Information technology

Non-engineering trade

  • Food processing
  • Dressmaking
  • Insurance agent
  • Stenographer
  • Lab technician
  • Footwear Manufacturing
  • Leather Goods Maker
  • Hand compositor

Should I do ITI from government college or private college?

Today, if you do ITI from a government college or private college, both get equal value.

Yes, it definitely happens that tuition fees are very low in a government ITI institute, whereas in private colleges you have to pay more tuition fees.

So if you are also going to join the government ITI college, then keep in mind that that college is NCVT accredited, and the college is near your home only then you will be able to complete your course for less.

BBA vs BCA, which one is better, Which should i go for

Both BBA and BCA are excellent undergraduate courses, after which students can expect a good career, but

Mostly All Students, are always confused about these two courses. You Too?

Don’t worry you are on the right website my friend. Give me Your Next 5 minutes only, and you will be able to not only understand but even tell anyone about these courses.

Conventional wisdom is, do schooling, complete graduation, and do a job. But here is something different which will make you far unique than others in this competitive world.

Both of these are professional courses. When I say professional what does it mean?

Professional means you are going to enter the corporate world and strengthen your skill in the area such as Computer Technology, Team Management, Coordination, and collaboration.

What is BBA?

 BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration.

This is a branch of studying in the field of Business and Management related activities.

BBA is a 3 years course, which is done after the 12th. And it will count you graduated as well.

Bachelor of Business Administration


Who should go for BBA?

BBA is a field of commerce student; Commerce student is curious always to join BBA after schooling rather than doing any alternate course.

But anyone can enrol in BBA there is no specific requirement of commerce background. If you are interested in doing business than you should go for BBA.

Here you will learn lots of skills which will help you throughout your life.  I.e.: Learning the art of selling products, handling peoples, good communication, and many many many more.

  Subjects in BBA:    

As you are aware now that BBA is a field of Management and Business Studies.

There are various topics related to business and management which you will cover during this course.

· Accounting

· Applied Statics

· Business Communication

· Presentation

· Management

· Marketing

· Understanding Market

· Geological Product Variation

· Product Creation Strategy

If you want to do BBA you should have passed the 12th examination with 50% marks in any stream.

If You have a commerce background it will be a bit easier to understand. You have to clear the Entrance Exam to Do BBA.


Doing BBA is an Expensive job, it becomes more expensive if you choose a private college or University.

Fees Can be in between 2-6 lakh. Private Universities decide their fees according to them. But if You Clear entrance by securing good marks you can get admission to Government College and can complete your course at a very affordable fee structure.

If you use other facilities like Bus, hostel, Gym your fees may increase. Facilities & Amenities are depending on each college and universities


 BBA is a professional course, there are lots of need for professionals in the industry.

You can Either Hired by any Company (if your university has campus placement) and you can Continue MBA or further studies with your work.

 Sometimes a company that hires you also pay you for further studies and gave you a stipend as well.

 OR if you are not hired You can do MBA or MCA. Both of these courses will enhance your portfolio in terms of qualification and you will get much experience as well which is much important and worthy in the professional world.


 After BBA you have lots of Scopes to do the JOB.

You can either choose the private or government sector as well.

All these profile jobs you can do after BBA and this will be your estimated salary packages.


Business Development ExecutiveRs. 3 LPA
Field Sales ExecutiveRs. 2.5 LPA
Financial AnalystRs. 4 LPA
Operations AnalystRs. 3.75 LPA
Market Research AnalystRs. 3.55 LPA

So, Doing BBA is an easy job and a good decision. it can be done by anyone.

Here you have you do some field experiments as well.

In case if your instructor asks you to do sell this particular thing in the market as an assignment after providing the proper training of selling.

BBA is double beneficial to those who are looking for doing MBA after it.

Because doing an MBA will increase their salary double, will double their experience, and double their growth as well.

you can expect to get a job in reputed and MNC company.


 BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications.

It is a computer degree and this is also a 3 years program.

BCA comes with lots of benefits. If you have done BCA there is no need of doing B.Ed. and you are counted graduated as well.

 BCA gave you lots and lots of scopes opportunities and earning sources but it all depends on you. Even from College 1st Year, you can start earning.

 WHO can do BCA?

 BCA can be done by anyone. If you are interested in a computer you can do as well.

No matter which background you came from. You need to pass 12th with more than 40/50 per cent and you can easily enrol in the BCA program.


 There is a total of 6 semesters in 3 Years. You will have 5 subjects each semester and every semester you will have new subjects.

Don’t worry!! I know you are thinking about how will you read if every semester subject is varying.

It’s Quite easy it’s not that much difficult. You will have enough time to read.

 These Subjects You Will Learn in BCA

  • Basic Fundamentals of Computer
  • Computer Networking
  • Operating System
  • Graphics Designing
  • C Programming
  • Desktop Publishing
  • C ++
  • HTML
  • MATHS (Compulsory in first 3 Semester)
  • English (Compulsory in first 3 Semester)

Your Syllabus can vary a bit according to the university you choose but moreover, it is based on Computer Programming Scripting, Desktop Publishing, and Basic applications of Computer.


  It will vary according to University and College you will choose. But for an idea, if you choose a private college you might have to pay 2-7 lakh but in a Government college, you can complete the whole 3 years course within just rupees 1-2 lakhs. 


You can’t even imagine how many opportunities you have after doing BCA. Let’s not confuse you. Let’s understand through a list. Here we Go…. 

  • If Your College has campus placement you and you have scored good grades for sure you are going to be placed.


  • You can start your own business by creating Business Websites and by providing Graphics Designing Services.


  • You can Start Freelancing After graduation, and do Work From Home.


  • You can start doing jobs from College also, there is a various option available on the internet.

 JOBS AFTER BCA:                         

Software DeveloperRs. 2.0LPA to 10LPA
Web DeveloperRs. 1.2LPA to 8.0LPA
ProgrammerRs. 1.5LPA to 20 LPA
System EngineerRs. 2.0LPA to 7.0 LPA
Graphics DesignerRs. 3.55LPA to 22 LPA

After doing BCA you can Do MCA if not then even after only BCA within 2-3 years you can do apply for big companies like TSC, Accenture, Wipro, Google, Facebook, and many more and can enjoy working with them in a home friendly environment. You can also check Google, Facebook’s office on YouTube.


   Are you still confused? I think not now. Isn’t it? So, what did you decide? Which course you should go to?

 Let’s Finalize Understanding by comparing both Courses.

1BBA is a 3 years program under the branch of Business Studies.BCA is a 3 Years Degree Program Where you learn about Computer Applications.
2BBA is not a Complete Education as Compare to BCA, it requires Further Studies.After doing BCA you can work from home and master the various skills and provide services.
3A Business-oriented Mindset person can Bang on in BBA.BCA can be done to business and to do a job as well.
4BBA is a long study program and has less income as compare to BCA.BCA can do a J curve in your career very swiftly. Because there is all online work and nowadays internet penetration in enlarging every day.
5You can Earn only By Reaching a Destination in your Study.You can work even from college and provide services online on Fiverr, guru, Upwork Etc.
6You can Earn LimitedThe sky is the Limit

It’s all about your ambition in mind which you are looking for. If You want to do a study of the market, business strategy, business creation principle, Business Expansion in that case you should go for BBA.

But if you are interested in Computer Programming, you are willing to do a job in companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Wipro, TCS, Accenture than you my friend kindly go for BCA without listening to anyone’s advice.

List of top colleges offering BBA and BCA course

  • Chandigarh University
  • SRM University, Chennai
  • Kalinga University, Bhubaneswar
  • ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Hyderabad
  • Nirma University, Ahmedabad
  • Alliance University, Bangalore
  • NIMS University, Jaipur
  • Amity University, Noida


Can I do BBA and BCA together?

No, you can not do BBA and BCA together.

If you want to enrol for both these courses simultaneously, then you cannot take admission

Yes, if you want to do both these courses together in distance mode, you can do it, but the field of both courses is different, then no student needs to do both together.

Which type of BBA is best?

There are more than 20 specializations under BBA course, some of them are in great demand today,

such as BBA in Business Administration, BBA in International Business, BBA in Finance, BBA in Information Technology etc.

Out of these, today many students are preferring BBA in information technology.


Although Now you are an expert to tell different between BBA and BCA, if not then don’t worry go upward and read it again.

All Information is here you just understand it well.

We hope you enjoy a lot reading this article and it clear all your doubts and provides all information to you. You can ask anything to us comment below

Career options after 10th- full detail

Class 10th is the first stop in the Indian education system when a student gets a chance to choose his career according to his interest or need.
In our education system, all students have to read all the subjects until the tenth.
Our education system believes that all students must have a basic knowledge of the subject used in all basic and day to day life.
That is why science, maths, English, and other regional languages ??are taught to all students until the tenth.

Now when a student passes tenth, he has a basic knowledge of all subjects.

Now it is necessary that the student can choose his subject in his higher education according to his interest and need and can do well in those subjects.

This is a very important time ya turning point of the life of any student.

The student who will choose the subject right now will have to make a career in it.

So there is a need that students should design their course according to their interests.

A student should choose their career after 10th according to their interest in the field of study,

they think they can do better, they can be passionate and dedicated toward that specific field, then only they should decide on any course.

Career Options after 10th


So there is a need that students should design their course according to their interests.

Importance of Girl Education

Girl’s education- The need for the time

Education is the only way to achieve the Women’s Empowerment goal truly.

For India or almost all the countries of the world, nearly half of the total population is women.

If we have to achieve any goal, then women have to be made partners in it.

And any human being can understand any goal or thing better only when he/she is educated.

This is the development phase of India and many other countries, and when the whole population will be educated,

then only our country or any other country will be developed in real meaning.

Anyway, it has been said that if you educate a girl, it means that you have educated an entire family and a society.

Therefore the girl’s education is very important and we will discuss some of its more important aspects below.


Benefits of girl education

A girl needs a lot of confidence to be a better parent, worker, and citizen, and that confidence she gets by proper education only.

Education provides the chance of a healthier and happier life for women.

So its very important to provide girls education on a larger scale.

An educated woman will also be more productive at work and better paid.

Educated women have a higher chance of escaping poverty, leading to healthy and more productive lives,

and raising their standard of living along with their children’s,  families and communities.

Top reasons why we all should support girl’s education-

  • To reduce the maternal mortality rate
  • To Reduce the infant mortality rate
  • To improve social growth
  • To reduce child marriage.
  • To reduce population growth
  • To decrease malnutrition.
  • To reduce domestic violence & sexual violence.

all the above said social targets can be easily achieved with proper girl Education.

Importance of Girl Education


Today girls are contributing to every field, but it is also a fact that even today, getting basic education to many girls is a challenge.


Challenges of girl education

The low awareness scale is a big reason for girl education.

The government is providing so many programs for uplifting girl’s education.

Conservative Traditionalism is also a very big obstacle in the field of girl education.

Lack of social consciousness among women.

Lack of a proper education system.

the education of girls and women is an integral part of national development so its very important to work on girl education.

Necessary arrangements for a good education should be available everywhere.

The awaking among Indian women has been really considered during recent years.

Apart from being a wife and a mother, a woman must play a decisive role in the country’s progress and planning?

she must develop herself to successfully play these roles, and she can only do this with mutual cooperation of the educational set – up of her country and herself.

Our girls have all the potential qualities, mental, physical,  but these will have to be nourished and cherished until they grow into the full and glorious womanhood.

Following are some important reasons behind the illiteracy of girls-

  • Poverty
  • Child Marriage
  • Religious Reasons
  • Parental Negative Thinking
  • Distance from School
  • Child Labor.

Importance of girl education

The girls are future mothers of any society.

Schools can provide girls with life skills, reproductive health knowledge, and social space to discuss issues.

Many of the changes that come with the education of girls are as follows-

Economic empowerment-

There is no means of development if our half-population is dependent on men’s.

Economic independence and empowerment will come when we educate every girl child.

Improved life-

education of a girl child helps in the improvement of a good life.

She will know her rights.  There will be a general improvement in her life.

improved health-

she will be able to know about better health options and facilities.  Through education,  they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dignity and honor-

An empowered woman can be a source of inspiration for thousands of girls who can make them their role models.

Profession by interest-

Only after getting the right education, girls will be able to choose the profession of their choice.


Ways to improve girl education:- 

It is crucial to enhance girl education in our country.

In rural areas, the percentage is deficient in girl education, where we can see a massive drop out rate among them.

The right education-

Right education is a tool that can help a girl to choose and create a better future.

Access to even primary education can help empower the girl’s school.

Girl empowerment begins at grass root levels. Only through education and creating awareness, we can create a developed nation.

Gender equality is also a topic on which we will work; we can get a good improvement in girl education.

For this, first of all, the family should be aware of girls’ education and the fundamental rights of a girl child.

Girl safety-

When girls have to travel long distances, they are feared to attacked by someone.

We should work on self-defense training for all the girl students.

That will build self-confidence among them, which will be very beneficial for their life and development of our society and nation.

A shareholder in the property-

By giving equal rights to girls in their ancestral property, the way of their empowerment can be cleared.


Why it is important to educate a girl?  

An educated girl will turn an independent woman if the future,  she will know her duties and rights to her country,  society, and family.

She can provide better education to her children’s can earn money and this will help in building a developed nation and healthy society

What is the Importance of Being Educated?

The educated person can understand anything better and quickly, he/she can make society a better place to live together.


This blog is submitted by- Rupali Sharma (founder of Yashshawini family a group working for women welfare and girls education) 

CIPET | Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology

CIPET- stands for Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology

CIPET is a technical institute run by the Government of India, whose aim is to impart technical knowledge in the field of plastics to common people.

CIPET was established in the 70s by the Indian government with the help of the United Nations in view of the growing use of plastics.

As you can see, the use of plastic is increasing every day, there is plastic use everywhere.

This institution comes under the Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers, Government of India.

What is CIPET?

CIPET is a technical institute run by the Government of India to provide technical knowledge related to plastics only.

In this, you are given knowledge on different aspects related to plastic.

You are given all the information about plastic, such as what is the atomic structure of plastic, how can plastic be improved, how can plastic be made information friendly.

You are taught about plastic related topics in CIPET in such a way that you can do any job related to plastic in any company or start your own business.

more than 30 branches are currently operating in India and CIPET has its head office in Chennai Guindy.

CIPET Established in- 1968

Total CIPET Colleges- 37

Courses under CIPET-

A lot of courses run inside the CIPET, which can be divided into the following categories if we divide the category wise-

  • Skill Development
  • Diploma in Plastic
  • Plastic Engineering
  • in Plastic
  • P.hd & Research in Plastic

Skill development- 

Under Skill Development, eighth pass students are fed basic skills like plastic, such as working on different machines.

This course is proving very beneficial for a lot of people, after doing this course, people get a chance to work in a lot of technical positions.


Diploma in Plastic- 

Diploma in Plastic Engineering course any student can do after passing class X or even after passing 12th, this technical course teaches basic but necessary subjects related to plastic.

After doing this course, students become eligible for whatever post of junior engineer in the plastic field.

Plastic Engineering- 

Plastic engineering course is an engineering course done in the field of plastics, there are different types of specializations under it.


List of CIPET Institutes-

There are three types of institutions for different types of Plastic courses-

CIPET- CSTS (Centre for Skilling and Technical Support)- 24 Centers – for Skill Development & Diploma courses

CIPET- Institute of Plastics Technology (IPT)- 7 Centers- For Engineering courses

CIPET- School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP)- 3 Centers- for masters and research courses


CIPET Colleges-


CIPET-skill development and diploma courses center



Admission to CIPET Courses-

The Process of Admission to Cipet is Different for Different Courses-

Skill development- For Skill Development courses you can get Direct admission.

Diploma Course- CIPET conducts entrance exam for admission in diploma courses, which have their center on every CIPET. the Entrance exam name is CBT-JEE.

Engineering courses- Separate entrance exam is conducted for admission in undergraduate courses such as engineering,
The CIPET does not conduct any entrance exam on its own, but only on the scores of entrance exams conducted by different states, such as Anna University Chennai and BPUT Bhubaneswar.


Fees for CIPET Different Programs-


Here are the details of fees for CIPET different Programs

Skill DevelopmentNo fees
Diploma courses16,700 per semester
Undergraduate courses20000 per semester
Postgraduate courses20000 per semester


Placement of CIPET