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Top 10 private engineering colleges in India

Top 10 private engineering colleges in India according to the NIRF Ranking 2020.

As you know there are more than 5000 engineering colleges in India that have more than four thousand private engineering colleges.

Here we are talking about the top 10 private engineering colleges out of those 4000 engineering colleges.

The Ranking of Top 10 Private Engineering colleges in India based on the following Parameters-

  • Total No. of Approved intake
  • Branch wise Strength
  • Lab Facility
  • Library
  • Workshop
  • Faculty-student ratio
  • Placement (Higher studies)
  • Research
  • Financial Resources
  • Capital expenditure
  • Facility for differently-abled students

The ranking of the top private colleges are as follows-

10. Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Establish Year1957
Campus size162 Acres
NIRF Ranking43
Total Intake1860 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:13
Total research students94
Placement percentage62%
Average placement5.5 lakhs
The entrance exam for AdmissionMET
AddressManipal, Karnataka

9. SASTRA, Thanjavur

Establish Year1984
Campus size232 Acres
NIRF Ranking38
Total Intake2090 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:11
Total research students550
Placement percentage93%
Average placement3.5 Lakhs
The entrance exam for AdmissionJEE MAIN
AddressThanjavur, Tamilnadu


8. SSN, Chennai

Establish Year1996
Campus size262 Acres
NIRF Ranking37
ApprovalAnna University, Chennai
Total Intake900 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:14
Total research students544
Placement percentage94%
Average placement4.5 Lakhs
The entrance exam for AdmissionTANCET
AddressChennai, Tamilnadu


7. SRM, Chennai

Establish Year2002
Campus size250 Acres
NIRF Ranking36
Total Intake4745 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:7
Total research students430
Placement percentage98%
Average placement3.6
The entrance exam for AdmissionSRMJEEE
AddressChennai, Tamilnadu

6. Amity University, Noida

Establish Year2005
Campus size1000 Acres
NIRF Ranking35
Total Intake2200 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:12
Total research students850
Placement percentage63%
Average placement3.0 Lakhs
The entrance exam for AdmissionAMITY JEE
AddressNoida, Uttar Pradesh


5. BIT, Ranchi

Establish Year1955
Campus size980 Acres
NIRF Ranking33
Total Intake780 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:10
Total research students248
Placement percentage67%
Average placement6.6
The entrance exam for AdmissionJEE MAIN
AddressRanchi, Jharkhand


4. Siksha O Anushandhan, Bhubaneshwar

Establish Year1996
Campus size200 Acres
NIRF Ranking32
Total Intake1600 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:5
Total research students450
Placement percentage92%
Average placement3.5 Lakhs
The entrance exam for AdmissionSAAT
AddressBhubaneshwar, Odisha


3. BITS, Pilani

Establish Year1964
Campus size328 Acres
NIRF Ranking25
Total Intake2608 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:13
Total research students375
Placement percentage85%
Average placement11 Lakhs
The entrance exam for AdmissionBITSAT
AddressPilani, Rajasthan

2. Thapar, Patiala

Establish Year1956
Campus size250 Acres
NIRF Ranking23
Total Intake1625 per year
Faculty-student ratio1:13
Total research students600
Placement percentage77%
Average placement6.2 Lakhs
The entrance exam for AdmissionJEE MAIN
AddressPatiala, Punjab


1. VIT, Vellore

Establish Year1984
Campus size250 Acres
NIRF Ranking18
Total Intake6883 par year
Faculty-student ratio1:13
Total research students2850
Placement percentage86%
Average placement5.2 Lakhs
The entrance exam for AdmissionVITEEE
AddressVellore, Tamilnadu


Best Private Engineering colleges of India

From the list of Top 10 Private Engineering Colleges in India above, you will easily understand which colleges are at the top, and why.

VIT is the number one private college of Vellore India, and the college has a very good cover performance
The college is providing good placement, the college package is also good, and the college has also done very well in research also.

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