+2 / Intermediate with commerce

After the Completion of 10th, The commerce stream is quite a popular choice in India for +2 / Intermediate, as most students feel that the stream offers them a wide range of career options to pursue after 12th class, that would bring them both success as well as financial security easily. +2 / Intermediate with commerce is the beginning of your career and passion in the field of commerce and economics. Commerce is a very huge stream and one can easily get good learning experience once you have entered commerce stream.

Eligibility for +2 / Intermediate with commerce-

There is no such Eligibility criterion for opting 12th / intermediate Commerce. Anyone who has passed 10th can join this course in any of the +2 schools or college. Eligibility conditions can be there in terms of 10th percentage in some top +2 schools/colleges. Some top colleges & schools are there in India, where they will ask for a very High percentage of mark in class 10th to get a seat in +2 / intermediate with commerce.

Subjects combination for +2 / Intermediate with commerce

Note – the subject combination mentioned below is As per CBSE, but state board subjects will also be almost the same only because the area known for any course can’t be different.

1. Accountancy (Compulsory)-

Accountancy or Accounting will be an integral part of your entire syllabus if you choose commerce. You will go through both numerical and theoretical part and also know to deal with numbers and financial data. This is the main subject for commerce group students. This subject can help you to score good in your Board exam , if you are good with your basics.

2. Economics (Compulsory)-

Economics subject will deal with Indian Economic Development and Statistics, these two are major divisions which you are going to study here. Knowing about the country’s economy rate and it’s developments over the years. You will also come across formulas, charts, theory, graphs in economics.

3. Business studies (Compulsory)-

Business studies is a theoretical subject this will provide an in-depth information about business, its types, objectives and various business related concepts. The operations and organisation of business entities should be discussed.

4. English (Compulsory)-

This might be or might not be a compulsory subject in some of the state boards. It is basically determined by the place from you are pursuing your state board education.

5. Mathematics (Optional)-

6. Entrepreneurship (Optional)-

7. Informatics Practices (Optional)-

8. Hindi (Optional)-

9. Music (Optional)-

10. Painting (Optional)-

11. regional Languages (such as Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu) (Optional)-

Students have to choose between Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and IP. Depending on what they choose is that their 5 main subjects are decided.


A sixth subject option is also there in CBSE, the sixth subject is not compulsory but if you have a sixth subject, your board results will be decided on the basis of “best of 5” that is, the five subjects you score the highest in, out of the six subjects will be considered and the subject with the lowest marks will be neglected.

1. Physical education (Optional - 6th Subject)-

2. Fine Arts (Optional - 6th Subject)-

Career options after 12th / intermediate commerce –

One can apply for a Government Job or a private sector Job or he can go for Higher education with in following options.

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