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Aerospace Engineering is one of the Important and rapidly growing fields of Engineering.

Aerospace Engineering deals with the Development of Aircraft and spacecraft.

So a lot of topics related to space and space research will come under Aerospace Engineering.

As the interest of the human being for space is growing day by day, the role and opportunity of the Aerospace Engineers are also growing day by day.

This is one of the most advanced branches of Engineering.

So Aerospace engineers broadly design spacecraft, satellite, and missile, and they also make sure that the spacecraft or missile is working properly according to design.

Today we all know the role of aircraft and satellites in our life.

The satellites have changed the way we watch TV.

The aerospace engineer also contributes a lot to the mobile phones we use.

Mobile’s GPS works through satellite and many aerospace engineers work for satellite.

Today, satellite technology is going so much ahead due to proper knowledge and research in the field of aerospace engineering.

Aerospace engineering in India

Aerospace Engineering is one of India’s most famous engineering branch.

Every day the trend of students is increasing towards this branch.

Today, the aerospace engineering branch is taught in many engineering colleges in India.

Many IITs also teach aerospace engineering.

Apart from IITs, there are many good private colleges that offer degrees in aerospace engineering branch.

After doing aerospace engineering, the placement of India’s students has also been done in India and other countries.

Today India is paying a lot of attention to space research and many good aerospace engineers who are taking this field much further with their experience and knowledge.

Indian Space Research Organization ISRO has done a tremendous job in space research and satellite technology.

Recently ISRO tried to send its satellite to Mars which was very successful.

So if a student wants to do aerospace engineering from a good college, then he can hope for a good job as well as a good career.


Who should Join Aerospace engineering?

Students who have an interest in aircraft, in satellite, in space, they should do an aerospace engineering course.





A pass in 10+2 with a minimum percentage of 45 percent.

Note- admission in aerospace Engineering starts with a minimum percentage of 45 in class 12, but most of the reputed colleges will ask a percentage of 60 in overall and in PCM also.



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