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BA yoga is all about Yoga.

The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit, from the word Yug in Sanskrit. YUG means union.

Yoga is a very old science, which people of India have been using for centuries to create a sacred balance between body, mind, and soul.

There is a discussion about Yoga in the Rigveda, from this you can guess how old Yoga has been in practice.

Over time Yoga has gained popularity all over the world and today people all over the world do Yoga to be healthy.
When a large number of people joined Yoga, it was necessary that the right information could be spread to as many people as possible.
For this, many yoga courses were conducted, out of which a very important course is BA Yoga.

In this article, we will get complete information about the BA yoga course in detail.


What is BA YOGA Course?


The B.A yoga or Bachelor of Arts in yoga is an undergraduate yoga study program, in which one can learn what yoga is and how it is beneficial to our life and how we can make a career in this field.

Yoga is not only exercise but it is a way of life that goes to peace.

Yoga focus on so many things like controlling depression, stress, anger and treating the mind and soul to get peace.

In today’s time where so many health problems are there because of our rapid digital lifestyle.

here, yoga is only one thing by which we can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The course duration is of 3 years and after the successful completion of this course, students have so many job options at various places.


Who should join this course?

Students who have an interest in yoga and physical fitness, who like to see themselves and people healthy
People who like to educate people about YOGA and loves to give information, they should do this course

Highlights of BA yoga course

following are the key points and Highlights of BA YOGA course-

course LevelGraduation
Course Duration3 years
Eligibility+2 from any recognized board
Admission ProcessDirect and entrance exam
Tuition fees10000 to 30000 per year
Exam Typeyearly in most of the college
starting average salary1.5 lakhs per year to 3 lakhs per year
Job profileyoga teacher, yoga instructor, Yoga specialist
Placement opportunitiesGovernment and Private sector

Eligibility for BA Yoga Course

1• The student should have passed 10+2 with 50% or more from State or central examination board.

2•  in some universities and colleges there are entrance examinations for admission.


Duration of BA Yoga course

The duration of the BA Yoga course is 3 years.

During this 3-year course, some colleges take semester wise exam, meaning in 3 years you have to give exams 6 times.

while some colleges take an early exam it means you have to write your exams only 3 times in 3 years.


Tuition fees for BA Yoga course

Tuition fees for BA yoga courses are 11,000 to 30,000 per year (different fee structure in different colleges.)

Fees are less in a government college, while higher in private colleges.


Career options after BA YOGA

After doing BA Yoga, you can go for higher education, or for a job.

In higher education, you can proceed in the Yoga field itself, or you can do any other courses related to it.


After the BA Yoga course, one can get a job in the public or Private sector.

key roles after BA Yoga course-

  •  Yoga instructor
  • Yoga therapist
  • yoga teacher
  • clinical physiologists.
  • assistant ayurvedic doctor
  • yoga aerobic instructor
  • yoga trainer /instructor health club.
  • yoga specialist.

Government job options after BA Yoga course:-

• yoga teacher in government schools.

• yoga specialists in government hospitals.

•assistant ayurvedic doctor in ayurvedic colleges and hospitals.

BA yoga course details

Salary after BA Yoga course

After doing a BA yoga course, students can expect a good salary and good career growth.
If you get a job in the private sector after this course, then you can earn up to Rs 1.5 lakh per year initially.
If there is a job in the government sector, then the initial salary can start from close to two and a half lakhs rupees per year.


Higher education options after BA yoga course:-

After completing the course of B.A yoga the student can apply for a job or can join B.Ed yoga or M.A yoga course for higher studies in yoga.

some other courses related to Yoga are also available.


Top Colleges for BA YOGA Course-

  • Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar
  • Noble Institute of professional studies and NIPS, New Delhi.
  • Gordhandas seksaria college of yoga and cultural synthesis, Pune.
  • Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Nagpur.
  • Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Rajasthan
  • Shyam University Dhausa
  • DAV Training College, Kanpur
  • Shri M. D Shah Mahila College, Mumbai
  • Rawatpura Sarkar University, Raipur
  • Apex University, Jaipur

Syllabus for BA Yoga course

1st1  anatomy of humans.

2. Physiological functions: the human body.

3. Fundamentals of yoga.

4. The social outlook of Siddhars.

5. Medical values of herbs.

6. Identification of herbs.

7. Microbiology.

2nd1. Physiology of Siddhars.

2.siddhrs; preventive health measures.

3. School education and yoga.

4. Yogic diet from nature.

5. Home remedies.

6. Demonstration/preparation : Surya namaskar/yogic diet.

7. Bio-chemistry.

3rd1. Patanjali yoga sutra

2. Yoga practices; stages.

3. Yoga rules applying to health and diseases.

4. Basis oil massage techniques

5. Unit 1 Demonstration: yoga asanas.

unit 2  Verma points, simple massage techniques.

6. The basic yoga lessons planned for school teaching.


Yoga is Science

Famous Books for BA Yoga course-

Bhagwat Geeta by Ved Vyas.

•Yoga sutra Patanjali.

• yoga anatomy by Leslie kaminoff.

•autobiography of a yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

• Lights on yoga by B.K.S Iyengar.

• the heart of yoga by T.K.V Desikachar.

• The secret power of yoga by Nischala Devi.

• yoga mind body and spirit by Donna Farhi.


if you wish to read details about BA Yoga course in Hindi, you can Visit Hindi me career website



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