Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

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 The computer and Internet sector is the fastest-growing sector, Today we do most of our work through the digital medium and the utility of computers and the internet is increasing every day in our life.

So at this time, many students want to do computer-related courses.

One of the best polytechnic courses in the computer sector is the Diploma in Computer Science Engineering, after which students are able to get good jobs with a good salary.

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering Course Details

What is Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering course?

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering Course is one of the best Polytechnic course, Any student who has passed tenth class can join and make a career in computer and IT sector.

This course covers the basics of computers and all the important topics related to computers.

During this course, students are taught about all the important concepts of the computer from very basic mean zero.

So even if a student has not studied computer till class X, he can still join Diploma in Computer Science course.

This course will be the first step for a student in the fast-growing IT sector.

Who should join this course?

All those students who have an interest in the computer and IT sector, and who have to become computer engineers in less time and less expense, should do this course.

If a student wants to do a diploma course after which there are opportunities for jobs and higher education in the highly growing IT sector, then this is a great course for them.

What do students learn during this course?

 During the Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course, students are taught in detail about software and hardware, both important parts of the computer.

During this course, students learn important topics related to website development, website designing, application development, software testing, etc.

And one thing that is common for all these topics is coding.

So during this course, students learn different types of programming and coding languages such as C, C Plus Plus, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java etc.

Along with this, students also teach dot net technology, cybersecurity, eCommerce, business development, communicative English and mathematics.


Talking about eligibility, any student who has passed tenth can join diploma in the computer science Engineering course

Most diploma colleges consider admission to students scoring above 35%, while some colleges give admission to students scoring above 60% in class X.

If a student wants to join the diploma in computer science course after 12th, then it is necessary to study maths and science paper during twelfth,

Students who have done the 2-year ITI course can also join this course.

Course duration

The Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course is of 3 years duration, during which there are six semesters.

On the other hand, if a student joins this course after 12th or ITI, then he/she will have this course for 2 years only.

Admission procedure

For the Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course, students can get admission in two ways-

  • Direct Admission
  • Admission through Entrance Exam

There are many governments and private polytechnic colleges in many states of India, where students get direct admission in computer science engineering courses based on the percentage of the tenth.
At the same time, for admission in government polytechnic colleges in many states, students have to appear for an entrance exam, in which only students scoring well are able to take admission in this course.
Today, a diploma in computer science engineering course has become the most sought-after branch among the students, so students who score well during the entrance exam can get admission in a good college for this course.

So, students who want to get admission in Diploma in Computer Science Branch, should score well during the tenth, and together if there is an entrance exam in their state for admission, then they should try to perform well there too.

Tuition fees

Talking about the tuition fees of Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course, the tuition fees in most government colleges range from 10 to 20000 per annum, while in private colleges the tuition fees can range from 30000 to  50000 per annum.

Today, tuition fees for diploma colleges in most metro cities have reached close to  50,000 per annum.

Top collages

College for Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course is available in a large number in every state.

Today, in almost all polytechnic colleges, the computer science engineering branch is taught, and the old polytechnic colleges have also included the computer science branch.

So if you want to do this course in your state or from around your home, then you are hopeful that you will definitely get a government or private college there.

Many students like to do this course from big metro cities like Chennai-Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata etc. and they get the benefit that their interaction with the people working in a lot of IT sector starts during course, it proves to be very helpful in getting a good job and career growth.

these are some top Polytechnic Colleges for Diploma in Computer Science Course-

  • Lovely Professional University, Phagwara
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Integral University, Lucknow
  • SRM Polytechnic College, Chennai
  • Government Polytechnic, Nashik
  • Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindigul
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • Government Polytechnic, Patna
  • Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur
  • Kalinga Polytechnic College, Bhubaneswar
  • Galgotia University Greater, Noida
  • Noida International University Greater, Noida
  • KJ Somaiya Polytechnic, Mumbai
  • GLA University, Mathura
  • Techno India, Salt Lake
  • Angel Polytechnic, Goa
  • Karnataka Government Polytechnic, Bangalore
  • Tamil Nadu Government Polytechnic College, Madurai
  • Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic College, Ludhiana

Career options

Talking about career options after the Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course, students have many job opportunities, along with the admission process is very easy even if the student wants to go for higher education.

Today, most of the students doing computer polytechnics are getting jobs in small and big companies in the private sector, and there are some opportunities for government jobs as well.

After a diploma in computer science engineering, you can work in the role of a web developer, programmer, graphic designer, junior software engineer, data analyst, software tester etc.

On the other hand, if you are successful in getting a job in the government sector, then you can get the role of stenographer, IT professional, bank correspondent, computer operator, computer director etc.

After this course, students have knowledge of the computer sector at a moderate level, so students have trouble in getting a job in a good company, or if they get a job in a good company, then they Can not find a good role.

That is why many times students also do engineering immediately after this course, after which they become eligible to get work in all types of IT sector majors with good roles and good salaries.


If you talk about salary, then after this course, the starting salary in the private sector gets from 10 to 15000, while if a student is successful in getting a government job, then he can get a monthly salary ranging from 25 to 30000.

After this course, there are many opportunities for self-employment too, after which many students are earning well.

Higher Education

After this course, under Higher Education, students can take admission in Computer Engineering in Engineering and related branches like Information Technology, Software Engineering etc.

After this course, when the students do engineering, then their engineering will be of only 3 years and for engineering, they get straight second-year admission through lateral entry.


Talking about the syllabus of this course, students are taught basic maths, English, physics, chemistry as well as basics of computers in the first year and advanced topics of computers such as operating system, data structure, networking, object from second-year Oriented programming, C, C Plus Plus, networking technology, system security, internet security etc. are taught

During the course, students are taught both theoretically and practically.

The syllabus for the Diploma in computer science is almost similar to the Diploma in information technology.

Final words

So we can say that Diploma in Computer Science Engineering is an excellent course for the beginning of a student’s career in the computer sector, after which he can further his career by doing engineering and other courses in the computer sector.

So if a student is going to do this course, then he should understand computer concepts well, and maximum Practice should be done on the computer, and they should try to understand coding very well.

On the other hand, if girls want to do this course, then it can prove to be a great course for their good future because after this most of the jobs are in the IT and computer sector, where work can be done from the office or home, fieldwork is rare, which is slightly more suitable for girls



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