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Draughtsman civil ITI is one of the best technical job oriented certification course under ITI courses.

Draughtsman civil course is also known as Drafter course.

this is a working art vocational trade, which comes under the CTS- Craftsman Training Scheme.

During this 2-year course, students learn to prepare blueprints or drafts of different types of building and other structures.

After doing this course, the job prospects are very high, jobs are easily available in both government and private sector, and self-employment also has good chances

What is ITI Draughtsman Civil course?

Draughtsman Civil ITI course deals with the detailed technical drawing or plans section for buildings, dams, roads, airports, bridges etc.

This course has been designed in such a way that it can full fill the requirements of Indian industry as well as international industries.

Due to which students have no problem in getting jobs in India as well as in other countries.

Drawing sketches from the instruction of the civil engineer, and calculating the dimensions is the main work of the draftsman civil.

Who should do this course?

Students who want to pursue a career in the field of civil, and also those who like the field of civil architecture, should do this course.

Students who have an interest in the drawing of every structure and construction of the structure should also join this course.

Apart from this, the students who want to do a course in which there is good job potential, and the sector is also growing fast, by studying a course of shorter duration, spending less money, should also join this course.

Draughtsman Civil ITI course – key points

Following are the key points and Highlights of the Draughtsman Civil course-

Course Level10th
course Duration2 years (4 Semesters)
Eligibility10th from any Recognized Board, minimum 35 % in 10th
AgeMinimum of 14 years
Admission ProcessDirect in Most of the Private colleges, for Government colleges Entrance exam
Tuition fees5 thousand per year to 50 thousand per year
Exam TypeSemester wise
Starting Average Salary1.0 lakhs to 1.5 lakhs per year
Job profileDrafter, Junior drafter, surveyor
Placement OpportunitiesGovernment Jobs, Electricity Department, PWD, IOCL
Top Achievementmost of the Junior Drafters are ITI or Diploma holders
Draughtsman civil key paints

What do students learn during the course?

During the Draughtsman Civil ITI course, students get the skills of Planning, drawing, estimating, and costing of all type of civil work.

they learn drawing plans using AutoCAD, and they also learn to make 3D models of all types of Civil work.

the students learn during this 4 semesters about the giving lineout at site and supervision of work at the site.

After the completion, of course, students will have proper knowledge about the following topics-

  • Surveying
  • Building Material
  • Bridge and culverts
  • Highway Design
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Building construction


Any student who has passed class 10th from a recognized board can join this course.

Maths and Science paper is compulsion in class 10 to join this course.

The age of the student should not be less than 14 years and not more than 40 years.

Admission Procedure for Draughtsman civil ITI course

Any student who is interested in the draftsman civil ITI course can take admission in two ways.

  1. direct admission
  2. through an entrance exam

Admission will be given on the basis of 10th mark for this course in almost all private ITIs.
Students must clear the entrance exam for admission to government ITI colleges.

Top Entrance Exams for the Admission to ITI Electrician course-

  • Andhra Pradesh ITI Admissions
  • Assam ITI Admissions
  • Bihar ITI Admissions
  • Chhattisgarh ITI Admissions
  • Delhi ITI Admissions
  • Gujrat ITI Admissions
  • Haryana ITI Admissions
  • Himachal ITI Admissions
  • Jharkhand ITI Admissions
  • Karnataka ITI Admissions
  • Kerala ITI Admissions
  • MP ITI Admissions
  • Maharashtra ITI Admissions
  • Manipur ITI Admissions
  • Odisha ITI Admission
  • Punjab ITI Admissions
  • Rajasthan ITI Admissions
  • UP ITI Admissions
  • Uttarakhand ITI Admissions
  • West Bengal ITI Admissions

Duration of Course

The Duration of the ITI Draughtsman civil course is 2 years, divided into 4 semesters.

During these four semesters, lecturers try to explain technical topics in easy language through workshops, along with practical and theoretical methods.

Duration of Apprentice training after ITI Draughtsman civil course-

Students who do well during the ITI course and if they get a chance to apprentice, then its duration is 3 years. Which includes 2 years of basic training.

Tuition fees-

The tuition fees for this course have been kept very low so that more and more students can join this technical course.

While the annual fees in a government ITI college vary from 2000 to 5000, the annual fee in a private ITI college can range from Rs 10,000 to  50000.

Career options after Draughtsman Civil course

This course has been planned in such a way that students can get a good job easily after the course is completed.

India and many countries of the world are developing countries, and construction work is going on fast in these developing countries,

and the more construction work is being done, the more Draughtsman civil persons are needed.

A lot of jobs for ITI Draughtsman civil students are available in government and non-government fields.

In which they can join according to their knowledge and need.

Employment opportunities for trainee from this trade as Draftsman, Surveyor and Land Surveyor shall be available in Central & State Government Departments. Ammonia Printer in Railways, C.P.W.D. Military, TCP, P.D.A., P.W.D., HUDA, Housing Board, Land Survey.
Private sector opportunities shall be as Draftsman, Construction Supervisor with Architect, Civil Engineer, and Civil Contractor, Builders.

different roles they can get while working in different fields are-

  • Draughtsman
  • Surveyor
  • Architecture Assistant
  • structural Draughtsman
  • construction supervisor

Government Jobs-

After this course, there are many opportunities for government jobs too, some of which are as follows-

  • Indian Railway
  • Bhel
  • Indian Oil
  • National Highway
  • Airport Authority of India
  • Defence
  • Electricity Department
  • CPWD
  • Housing Board

Draftsman, Surveyor and Land Surveyor jobs are available in the Central Government and State Government for students who complete the course.

Draughtsman civil at work

Salary after Draughtsman civil course-

After this course, the initial salary that most students have received is around  10000 per month.

If the student gets a government job, then he also gets around 15 thousand a month.

At the same time, if the student goes for an apprentice, then he gets five to  6000 months there.

Students do not need to panic after seeing this initial salary, they start getting good salary with experience.

Foreign job-

Many students after getting this ITI course are getting employment in Gulf Country, European Country, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc.
Youth employed in these countries are earning well.

Higher Education options

When a student does Draughtsman civil course, he takes the first step in the field of structural designing and architecture.

Students can take their higher education further according to their interest and needs, there are many options for higher education, some of them are mentioned below-

  • Along with doing this course, the student can also write his / her twelfth examination from NIOS Board, which makes him/her eligible for higher education in any field.
  • If the student wants to do a diploma, he can take admission in the related branch, directly in the second year through lateral entry.
  • After this course, a student can join the apprenticeship program in different industries, which can get him a national apprenticeship certificate.

Self-employment opportunities after this course

After this course, a lot of young people start their own business, and there they start planning, drawing, estimating and costing, and supervising the construction work

People do their own office setup to do all this work and earn good money from there.

Along with this, a lot of youngsters start construction material supply work, and they are able to earn a good income in it too.

Some top ITI Draughtsman Civil colleges-

  • Guru Daksha Industrial Training Center, Hisar
  • Chamba Millennium Industrial Training Institute, Chamba
  • Bhagwan Parshuram Industrial Training Institute, Sirmaur
  • SBSJ Industrial Training Institute, Solan
  • Abdul Bari Technical Center, Patna
  • GCRG Group of Institutions, Lucknow
  • Government ITI, Khairatabad, Hyderabad
  • Sir CV Raman Industrial Training Institute, New Delhi.
  • Dalchand ITI, Lucknow
  • Dehradun Industrial Training, Dehradun
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Bokaro
  • Baliapur Institute of Technology, Dhanbad
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhatinda


1st Semester

Trade PracticalTrade TheoryWorkshop
Course Introduction- Familiarization with collegeSafety measures- Importance of safetyIntroduction to the safety equipment
Lettering basics- vertical and inclinedImportance of letteringApplied trade problems- calculations
Scales, sign & symbolsconstruction and choice of scale, different types of lines-do-
Drawing Plan, Dimensioning TechniquesProjection, types and methods of projectionratio and proportion in trade problems
Isometric ProjectionThe principal of isometric and Axonometric projectionAlgebra- simple to advance problems
Using graphical methods reduction and enlargement of an objectdifferent techniques of reducing and enlargementlaws of motion, unit of force
perspective projection of a building using One point and two-point methodthe two-point perspective drawing method-do-
arrangement of bricks in different parts of bonds such as in walls, pillarsBuilding Material introductionArea of square, triangle, circle
foundation drawing, footing, pilesfoundation details, the safety of the foundationsimple bodies weight calculation- such as square, cube
Plinth protectioneffect and source of dampness, damp proof coursesimple graph, trigonometrical graph
different signs used in engineering surveysurveying and classificationsolution of triangles


2nd Semester

Trade PracticalTrade TheoryWorkshop
chain survey of small plots and built-up plotsadvantages and disadvantages of different survey techniquepolygons, circles parallelogram, parabola and ellipse Properties
Surveying of a building site using chain entering field book and plottingfield problems, field book maintenance-do-
Handling of different types of instrumentsaccessories and instrument use instructionusing Simpson’s rule calculation of circle
cross-section of road and railwayIntroduction to the road and railway alignmentrectangular parallelopoids, cylinders, pyramids and spheres Surface area and volumes calculation
drawing of a masonry culvertBridge introduction- different types of bridgemagnet and magnetism
different types of irrigation structures DrawingIntroduction to water resources, such as Dam, canalDifferent magnetic substances and permanent magnets
public health & sanitization, different sanitary fittingsdifferent terms used in sanitary fittingsline of force and magnetic field
RCC introductionRCC materialsmagnetism revision
Floor and finishing methodsDifferent types of floors and floor materialsfunctions and different trigonometric ratios
different types of steel roof trusses Drawingintroduction to structural drafting.-do-


3rd Semester

Trade PracticalTrade TheoryWorkshop
ground floors concrete brick on edge, timber, tiled, patent stone, mosaic and steel floor Drawing detailsconcrete proportion and mixing, types of mortarstudy of different section, the centre of gravity
arches, lintels and centring & Shuttering Drawing formstechnical terms related to Arches and lintelpracticals for survey
drawing of Carpentry Jointsclassification of joints, Carpentry joints terms.various types of load and support
detailed drawing of different type of doorsparts of doors, size and types-do-
Window and ventilators detailed drawingtypes of window and ventilators,  need-do-
pitched roof including king & queen post, roof trusses Drawing detailsa detailed study about roofvarious types of load study
Upper floor, wooden floor, stone, jack arch Drawing detailsUpper floor classification and construction-do-
drawing details of stairstypes of stairs and materialproblems of overhanging beams
Plumbing details, tools and materialssafety precautions while doing plumbing work-do-
Carpentry- use and toolssafety tools of carpentryperfect frame analysis
Electrical wiring in a different systemsafety precautions, wireman tool kit-do-
Building construction drawingmasonry tools and safety precautions while working on itplan meter and pantograph Use & practises
with the use of digital theodolite and total station performing surveytheodolite introductionsimple reflection, bending stress


4th Semester

Trade PracticalTrade TheoryWorkshop
single-storied residential house with a single room Drawing detailsResidential building planningsimple trade connections
Drawing details of different structures viz. column, beams, slabs, staircase, footing, lintels etc.bar bending schedule preparation-do-
Estimation of residential building preparationbar bending schedule, preparation-do-
Building Drawing and structural Drawing using CAD software and PracticeArchitectural Desktop and creating modelling.
CAD command and useswindows command
Project work

note- the syllabus mentioned here is brief, and you can visit the NCVT website for detailed information. This syllabus is followed by almost all ITI colleges in India.

Draughtsman civil FAQs-

What is the difference between draftsman and Draughtsman?

there is no difference between draughtsman and draftsman, in some countries a person skilled at drawing engineering or architectural plans, is called draughtsman or in some countries like Americ a draftsman.

so you can call a  person who is creating the blueprint of structures as draughtsman or draftsman.


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