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ITI Fitter is a short term professional technical course, In which you are taught about different types of fittings. It is a mechanical branch in which you are given the knowledge to fit different types of machines, pipes, structures. It is a highly job oriented course and the chances of getting a good job are very high. There are many public and private ITI fitter institutes where you can get admission easily.

what is ITI Filter

ITI Fitter is a mechanically related branch, Where you get to learn about fitting.

Within this 2-year course, you are given such knowledge so that you can work with any kind of fitting.

Pipe fittings, Machine fitting, and structure fittings are the main working areas, on which a fitter works.

in other words, we can say that a technician who puts together or installs Machinery, plants, machines, and other mechanical products are called as a fitter.

If you have also seen a plant being built or a machine installed, then you must have seen how a fitter works to connect each part with very accuracy.

What students learn during the ITI fitter course-

The fitter course gives a sound knowledge of different types of fittings.

the course starts with the basic safety measures and further gives subject knowledge.

Simple marking out, filling, heat tempering, lathe work, drilling, grinding, different types of bolts fittings and others.

Who should Join the ITI fitter course?

Students whose interest is about the machine, who enjoy working on the machine, should do this course.

Apart from this, for students who want to get technical knowledge by paying a low fee in a short time, which can give them a good job and a good career, then it is also a great course for them.


  • Sanitary hardware fitter
  • Marine Fitter
  • Boiler Fitter
  • Electrical Fitter
  • Marine Engineering Fitter
  • Fitter General

Eligibility for ITI Fitter-

Any student of class X can join the ITI Fitter course. If any student wants to join this course after 12th, then he must have Maths and Science Subject in Twelfth.

If the percentage of the tenth is above 40, then there will be no problem, basically passing the 10th class is the criterion.

Your 10th can be from any recognized state board or CBSE board, no matter where you have done 10th, in the admission.

Students of at least 14 years of age can join this course and the maximum age limit is 40 years.

Physical ability 

It is a mechanically related branch and you have to work physically with the help of tools. Therefore, it is necessary for the students doing this branch to be physically fit so that they can do the fitting work correctly and safely.

Admission process for ITI fitter

For the fitter course, you will get direct admission in most private colleges on your 10th mark basis.

Some top institutions can demand a better percentage of 10th from you.

But for admission to government institute, you have to write the entrance exam, different states conduct their different entrance exams.

Competition for the exam is not very much and if your basics of the 10th are clear, then you can easily clear these entrance exams.

Top entrance exams for admission in the ITI fitter course-

  • Andhra Pradesh ITI Admissions
  • Assam ITI Admissions
  • Bihar ITI Admissions
  • Chhattisgarh ITI Admissions
  • Delhi ITI Admissions
  • Gujrat ITI Admissions
  • Haryana ITI Admissions
  • Himachal ITI Admissions
  • Jharkhand ITI Admissions
  • Karnataka ITI Admissions
  • Kerala ITI Admissions
  • MP ITI Admissions
  • Maharashtra ITI Admissions
  • Manipur ITI Admissions
  • Odisha ITI Admission
  • Punjab ITI Admissions
  • Rajasthan ITI Admissions
  • UP ITI Admissions
  • Uttarakhand ITI Admissions
  • West Bengal ITI Admissions

Duration of ITI fitter course- 

The ITI Fitter course is of 2 years, divided into 4 semesters of six months.

In every semester you are given different knowledge of theory and practical and finally different exam is also taken.

Training Hours- 

As you know there is more emphasis on practical knowledge under the ITI course, here also under this course you have a class of 6 hours a day, which consists of 4 hours of practical and 2 hours of theory class.

Duration of Apprentice training after ITI fitter course-

The apprentice training is 3 years in which basic training of 2 years is included.

Students who are doing this course must try to be found in the apprenticeship training run by the Government of India.

For this, you need to have good knowledge of the subject

Top Government companies where you can do your Apprentice-






Tuition fees of ITI Fitter course-

The tuition fees for this course can range from two thousand per year for a government college to 10,000 per year.

But fees for private colleges can range from 15000 yr to 50000 yr. The fee for private colleges depends on a lot of things like where is the college and how is the college level.

But the government on its part also tries to keep the fees of private colleges within a limit, for which the government has kept the maximum fee limit.

Career options after ITI Fitter course- 

After completing the ITI Fitter course, you have a lot of career options out of which two are the major ones that either you can go for higher education or you can go for a job.

There are two things in the job either You can work in the private sector or you can prepare for the government sector job.

ITI Fitters Jobs-

After doing this course, many jobs are available in the government sector and in the private sector, in which a student can join according to their knowledge and interest.

the key roles one ITI Fitter can get are-

  • Fitter
  • Welder
  • Machine Operator
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Mechanical Fitter
  • Lathe Machine Fitter
  • Technician
  • Trainer

ITI Fitter Government Jobs- 


Indian Oil

Hindustan Petroleum

Bharath Petroleum



Electricity Department

Indian Railway


and many more

Salary after ITI fitter course-

After doing this course, your salary depends on which company you have joined.

If you go to the private sector, the starting salary can be from 8000 to 10000 a month.

And even if you get a chance to work in a government sector company, you will get a stipend of 8 to 10000 a month.

Many people also go to foreign jobs and earn good money. Most of the people who go abroad from India go to Gulf Countries.

Do not make a wrong impression about this course by looking at the salary of this beginning because you are going to earn very well with experience.

ITI Fitter Job
ITI Fitter Job

The higher education after ITI Fitter- 

After doing the ITI Fitter course, if any student wants to go for higher education then the best option is to do a Diploma in Engineering or Polytechnic.

In Diploma in Engineering, you will get admission in any branch related to mechanical, you will get admission directly in the second year, which saves you 1 year in this 3-year course.

If a student wants to do simple graduation, then he has to do twelfth.

Or another option is that he has to do twelfth from NIOS with his ITI course or separately after which he can also do graduation from NIOS only.


Business after ITI Fitter course (Self Employment)-

Many people start their own business after doing ITI Fitter course, you will find many successful businessmen in the field of fitting around you who started their own business after doing this course.

After doing this course, if you also have to start your own business, then the advice before that is that you must take at least 2 to 4 years of experience.


Top colleges for ITI Fitter course-


Number of subjects in ITI Fitter-

During the ITI fitter course, you have to study 5 subjects each semester-

  1. Trade Practical
  2. Trade theory
  3. Workshop
  4. Engineering Drawing
  5. Employability skills


Syllabus of ITI Fitter-


TopicTrade PracticalTrade theory
SafetySafety demonstration, safety at workplace, safety equipment identification

use of Fire extinguisher

lecture on safety at the workplace, all types of safety equipment

fare alarms

ToolsIdentification of Tools

Identification of Equipment

selection of material, as per the application


Liner measurement



Markingmarking tools


Marking colors

use of different types of color for marking

ChippingChipping, Chip slots & oils groovesSurface plate and auxiliary marking equipment
Drillingmarking and drilling through holesdifferent type of drilling process
Forgeforge punches and screwdriversmetallurgical behavior

These are the main points in the syllabus-

  • Marking out according to the Blueprint
  • Filling, hacksawing and chipping
  • different types of welds
  • different types of drilling
  • Markup, punching, cutting, chipping and file jobs
  • uses of different types of pins
  • making of simple jigs and fixtures
  • assembling of different types of machines

Books of ITI Fitter-

  • Fitter theory by Arihant
  • Fitter theory by Royal publication.
  • workshop calculation and science by Arihant

you can download the E-Book from the website of the Ministry of Skill Development.

Important questions related to ITI Fitter

Difference between NCVT and SVCT.


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