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ITI Surveyor is a job oriented, technical certification course related to the construction sector, after which students are likely to get a government job as well as a private job.

The job of the surveyor is to determine the boundary of any land.

Whenever there is a building, road or other construction work, surveyors are needed there so that they can survey and make sure that the building or other structure is in place.

This is a broad profession which could involve anything from determining land boundaries to creating maps, designing and planning commercial products or structures such as buildings or boats.

With technological advancement, a lot of technology is used in the work of Surveying today.

Surveying is very important for today’s technical and advanced world because the correct information given by the surveyor, first of all, ensures that a structure will remain intact for the time being.

There are many types of surveyors, but the most famous among them is the land surveyor.

ITI surveyor course details

What is ITI surveyor course?

ITI Surveyor is a technical 2-year course, which is about different types of survey.

A Surveyor or land surveyor is a professional who determines positions of land.

A surveyor determines the position on the surface of the earth or up to the height of construction.

Surveying any land and preparing a 3D map of details using advanced software like CAD etc. is the main task of the surveyor.

Nowadays surveyors use the GPS ie Global Positioning System to carry out survey work with great accuracy.

ITI Surveyor trade- key points

Following are the key points and Highlights of this course-

Course Level10th
course Duration2 years (NCVT)
Eligibility10th from any Recognized Board, minimum 35 % in 10th with maths and science
AgeMinimum of 14 years
Admission ProcessDirect in Most of the Private colleges, for Government colleges Entrance exam
Tuition fees5 thousand per year to 50 thousand per year
Exam Typesemester wise
Starting Average Salary1 lakhs to 2 lakhs per year
Job profileMechanic, supervisor
Placement OpportunitiesGovernment Jobs & private sector jobs
Top AchievementITI people get jobs on the post of surveyor and Amin.
ITI surveyor course highlights

What do students learn during this course?

Students learn the different techniques required to conduct surveys and the technique of drawing during the survey course.

Some of the main topics that students learn during this course are as follows-

  • Preparing topographical map
  • Survey drawing using CAD
  • Application of GIS techniques
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Transmission line survey
  • Railway line survey

what do surveyors do?

The job of a surveyor is to determine the boundary of any property, from where to where any construction work will be done, it is determined by the surveyor itself.

Surveyors provide data relevant to the shape, location, gravitation, contour or dimension of land on or near the earth surface for Mining, Engineering, land evaluation, map making, construction and all other purposes related to construction.

Some of the main functions of Surveyor are:

  • Majoring the distance and angle between any two points on the earth  or near the earth surface.
  • Researching land records, survey records and ownership of any land
  • Visiting any important place and using different reference points to determine the exact location
  • Preparation of any land map and report
  • Determining the boundary of any land.
  • Determining boundary in water.

Who should join this course?

Students whose interest is in the field of construction, or who have to take such a course, in which a good job, as well as a good salary, is expected, then they should do this course

This course guarantees a good career in less time and with fewer resources

ITI Surveyor course Eligibility

If a student wants to do ITI Surveyor course, then the eligibility criterion is very easy, any student who has passed 10th can join this course.
It is necessary to have Science and Maths paper in 10th

The age of the student should be at least 14 years and below 40 years.

ITI surveyor course Admission procedure

The process for admission to ITI Surveyor course is also very easy, in most colleges you get direct admission on the basis of your 10th marks, while in some government and other colleges of some state you get admission through the entrance exam.

Top Entrance Exams for the Admission to ITI Surveyor course-

  • Andhra Pradesh ITI Admissions
  • Assam ITI Admissions
  • Bihar ITI Admissions
  • Chhattisgarh ITI Admissions
  • Delhi ITI Admissions
  • Gujrat ITI Admissions
  • Haryana ITI Admissions
  • Himachal ITI Admissions
  • Jharkhand ITI Admissions
  • Karnataka ITI Admissions
  • Kerala ITI Admissions
  • MP ITI Admissions
  • Maharashtra ITI Admissions
  • Manipur ITI Admissions
  • Odisha ITI Admission
  • Punjab ITI Admissions
  • Rajasthan ITI Admissions
  • UP ITI Admissions
  • Uttarakhand ITI Admissions
  • West Bengal ITI Admissions

Note– Colleges for the completed ITI Surveyor Course are very small, so the students who are interested in admission in this course should take special care of the admission notification.

ITI Surveyor Course Duration

There is a lot of confusion about the duration of the ITI Surveyor Course.

Many people say that this course is 1 year while many people tell it to be 2 years, so let’s remove this confusion here.

If you do ITI Surveyor course from any institute which is NCVT accredited, then the duration of this course for you will be 2 years.

If you do a survey course from an SCVT recognized institute, then the course duration will be 1 year.

If you take a course from NCVT recognized institute then during these 2 years there will be 4 semesters.

Duration of Apprentice training after ITI Surveyor course-

Students who do well during the ITI surveyor course and if they get a chance to apprenticeship, then its duration is 3 years. Which includes 2 years of basic training.

Tuition fees

Talking of tuition fees for ITI surveyor course, one may have to pay from 2000 to 5000 annually in a government college,

while in private college may have to pay 10000 to  40000 annually.

Many kinds of financial help are given to the students to do this course from the government.

Career options after ITI surveyor course

India and many countries of the world are developing countries, where a lot of construction work is going on, and wherever construction work will be done, there is a need for a surveyor.

So after a surveyor course, a student has many career options, such as he can go for a job, go for higher education, or start his own business.

Jobs after this course-

There is a lot of job potential after this course, and the college and seat for this course is very less, so the number of students who do this course is also very less and the demand is more

Students can go to any of the available jobs according to their knowledge and needs.

Some important roles after this course

  • Land Surveyor
  • Field surveyor
  • Land surveyor field coordinator
  • survey technician
  • Surveyor Helper

ITI surveyor Government Jobs

After the ITI surveyor course, many students are successful in getting government jobs, some important government departments where students are employed after this course are as follows-

  • PWD
  • National Highway Authority of India
  • Indian Railways
  • Indian Defense
  • IOCL
  • GAIL.
  • State Land Department
  • Electricity Department

Salary after this course-

After this course, students can get an initial salary from 10000 to 15000, while if the student gets a government job, then he can get more than 20000 every month.

Many students join the apprenticeship program brought by the government and private companies after this course, where they get five to  6000 a month easily.

Here students are advised to join the apprenticeship program as this experience helps them to get a good job.

Students can expect a good salary with the experience.

Surveyor at work

Options for Higher Education after ITI Surveyor Course

After this course, students also have several options for higher education.

  • Students can take admission in diploma in engineering course in the respective branch, into the direct second year, through lateral entry.
  • Students can also join the apprenticeship program which is brought by the government and different companies.
  • If a student wishes, he can join the Craft Instructor Training Scheme, after which he can get the job of Instructor in ITI itself.
  • And if the student has also done twelfth from NIOS during this course, then he will be eligible for any further higher education.

Self-employment options after this course

After this course, students are available with a lot of options for self-employment.

While a lot of people start their own survey agency, some students also start Amin’s work, and students who start Amen’s work after this course are considered to be very high-level Amin

some top ITI colleges for Surveyor course-

  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Munger
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhagalpur
  • Industrial Training Institute, Rohtak
  • National Industrial Training Institute, Jhajjar
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Dholpur
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Koraput
  • Industrial Technical Institute, Berhampur
  • Industrial Training Institute, New Delhi
  • Architectural Industrial Training Institute, Koderma
  • Gaat private industrial training institute, Murshidabad
  • Jharkhand Industrial Training Institute, Jamshedpur
  • Baikunthi Devi Mohanlal Private Industrial Training Institute, Agra
  • Lalti Educational Institute of Technology, Azamgarh
  • Shri Krishna Bridge Vikas Private Industrial Training Institute, Mathura


The ITI surveyor course consists of following course elements-

SL no.course elements
1professional Skills- trade practicals
2Professional knowledge- trade theory
3workshop calculation and science
4Employability skills


Some important books related to ITI Surveyor Course

  1. surveyor trade theory first year and 2nd year- by G S Sethi
  2. ITI trade theory by Abhishek Arya

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