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About Bachelor Arts:-

Bachelor of Arts degree programs emphasizes coursework in the social sciences and humanities, in addition to courses specific for each major. These programs typically include general education courses such as math, science, and English. Common fields of study include literature, religion, sociology, and history, to name only a few. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in many areas of study, each of which has different major requirements and prepares graduates for different careers.

Bachelor of Arts courses available in India & duration:-

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs typically focus on the liberal arts, humanities, and social science subjects, as opposed to Bachelor of Science programs, which focus on subjects related to math, science, and technology. Bachelor of Arts programs is sometimes confused with Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, which include fine arts majors such as dance, theater, painting, sculpture, and acting.

B.A. programs typically take Three years to complete and may be offered in a variety of formats including on-campus, online, hybrid and distance learning. Possible fields of study in Bachelor of Arts programs are numerous and include such diverse areas as:

Admission to Bachelor of Arts courses-

There are no such criteria for Bachelor of Arts courses admission in India, a pass mark in 12th is enough, but some top colleges are asking for a good percentage in class 12.

career and job opportunities after Bachelor of Arts -

Several Job opportunities are Available after Bachelor of Arts degree in both government and the private sector. one can work as the following role-

  • Sociologist
  • Teacher
  • Community activist
  • Social worker
  • Health services administrator
  • Academia
  • Law
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Information technology
  • Religion

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