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Nowadays everyone knows how important it is to have a good course for a good career.

In today’s time, as education continues to grow, the most problem is faced by the new students, who should do after 12th, there is a lot of confusion, many students become lawyers, doctors or engineers and after that, I find out that he is not comfortable in this field, so if he had already shown a way about his career, he would have got a lot of help in choosing his career option.

Many children grow up to become lawyers, doctors or engineers, but some students have a different dream, someone has to stabilize their business by growing up or want to pursue a career in business banking or accounting field, every person would think. That is, to do something different and to do something good, then let us know what is the complete information about BCom, how do we do it, what is the benefit of BCom.


The full form of BCom is Bachelor of Commerce. BCom is an undergraduate degree course, one can do it after passing the BCom 12th, whether he has passed out from any stream. If a child wants to pursue a career related to Accounting, Banking, Finance or Income Tax, then it is easier for him to make a career in the field of Accountant or Banking and Business after taking B.Com course. BCom is a very popular course after which you can do jobs like accounting.


Who should do B.Com course? Who should join B.com course

If you want to make your career in such fields as Account, Bank, Finance, Business, Management, Banking and Insurance, then you can make your career by taking B.Com course. BCom is a 3-year undergraduate course, the BCom course mostly focuses on subjects like Accounting, Finance, Business, Management. Now let us know about the B.Com course in detail.


Qualification for B.Com course. Eligibility for B.Com course

BCom can be done by any student. Its basic requirement is that you can pass 10th +2 out, whether you have done it from any stream, whether from commerce or arts or science, you can do B.Com. In which your minimum should be 45 – 50%, which is not so hard, only normal can bring any such percentage. One thing is that if you have passed 12th from commerce then it becomes even easier for you to do B.Com.


Admission Process Admission procedure for B.Com course

Now let us tell you what will have to be done to get admission to BCom.

If you have passed 12th pass then after that you have to give an entrance exam to BCom like you give entrance exam, then after clearing the entrance you are given college according to your entrance marks. You can take admission in that college.



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