Bachelor of Arts [BA]- course details, eligibility, Syllabus

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Bachelor of Arts-BA is a 3-year Undergraduate degree program that emphasizes coursework in the social sciences and humanities, in addition to courses specific for each major.

one can opt for the Bachelor of Arts course after the completion of his / her intermediate or +2 in any subject combination.

This course typically incorporates general training courses, for example, math, science, and English. Normal fields of study incorporate writing, religion, human science, and history, to give some examples.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree (Hons) in many areas of study, each of which has different major requirements and prepares graduates for different careers.

Bachelor of Arts- BA


Branches/courses Available in India-

Bachelor of Arts or b.a. , The course is a graduation course done on the subject of the art, in which you get a chance to read different arts subjects. You can choose the subject from the many available options according to your interest.

There are many art subject options in India like English Hindi History Sanskrit Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and many regional languages.

Under this 3-year course, you are given a good knowledge of whatever subject you have chosen, after doing this course you become eligible to do all the jobs related to graduation art.

In India, a BA course duration is 3 years, while in some countries it can be 4 years.

Bachelor of Arts programs is sometimes confused with Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, which include fine arts majors such as dance, theater, painting, sculpture, and acting.

There is a big misconception about the BA course, that only those who are weak in studies opt for this course. that is not True, Anyone who is fond of writing, history, pastoralism, and religious study can take this course.

You will be surprised to know that many students who qualify UPSC belong to the arts background. Many people who have decided that they have to prepare for public service, they like to study with arts subjects because this subject He can use as his paper during UPSC Preparation.

In India, you can do art courses both in regular and distance Mode. In both modes, you have a lot of options

BA: Bachelor of Arts Course- Key Points

Following are the key points and Highlights of the BA course-

Course LevelGraduation
course Duration3 years in India (4years in some other countries)
Eligibility10+2 or Intermediate from any Recognized University
Admission ProcessDirect admission, based on intermediate marks. some top colleges conduct counseling
Tuition fees5 thousand per year to 50 thousand per year.
Exam Typeyearly in most of the colleges, some even conduct semester wise exams
Starting Average Salary1.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs per year
Job profileTeacher, writer, publisher, Editor
Placement OpportunitiesBanks, government Jobs, Relinace, colleges, newspaper
Top Achievementmost of the students who qualify for UPSC are from Arts background


What students learn during this course-

In this course, according to whatever field chosen by the student, they are given deep knowledge of the subject, such as if a student has taken the decision to do a Bachelor of Arts History, then he will be taught everything about history. Such as Indian History, World History, etc.

Bachelor of Arts Courses Available in India-

Following Bachelor of Arts, courses are available in India-

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Economics
  • Sanskrit
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Home Science
  • History
  • Bengali
  • other regional languages
Bachelor of Arts


Eligibility for BA course- 

A pass in 12th or Intermediate from any recognized board can Join a Bachelor of Arts or BA course. some top colleges even ask for a better percentage for admission in this course.

for example, if you are looking for admission in BA in the Delhi University (DU)  top colleges, you are supposed to secure a very good mark in the 12th standard.

Generally, a pass mark is enough and if you have scored above 50% will be good enough.


Duration of course-

the duration of the Bachelor of Arts course- BA is three years. most of the colleges will conduct yearly exams. so during these three years, of course, you have to write 3 yearly exams.

the practical and theory exam will be conducted separately.

only a few colleges are there in India, who conducts semester wise exam.

Tuition fees for BA course

Tuition fees for Bachelor of Arts or BA courses are very low
There are many government colleges, be it state or central government, there is little or no fee.
Fees in private colleges can range from 5000 per year to 50000 per year, so if you are worried about fees then it would be better to choose a good government college.

Admission Procedure

Admission procedure for Bachelor of Arts course is also very easy, you get direct admission on the basis of your inter or twelfth mark.

but there are some top colleges where you may have to write an entrance exam or have to attend a personal interview as well.

These colleges also demand very good AAP’s 12th degree, like some of DU Delhi University’s colleges.

Career options after BA- Bachelor of Arts course

After doing this course, the student has two options, he can either go for higher studies or can choose any of the available job options.

Job options after BA-

There is a lot of job in many roles, after doing Bachelor of Art course, in which field the student has done this course, according to which they can get a lot of jobs.

key roles

  • Sociologist
  • Teacher
  • Community activist
  • Social worker
  • Health services administrator
  • Academia
  • Lawyer
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Government Jobs
  • Information technology
  • Politician

Higher education options after BA-

After doing this course, students can go to the same field for higher education or in any field similar to it.

Many students prepare for government sector jobs after doing this course or a lot of people also prepare for UPSC and other public service commissions.


Salary after this course-

If you go to work after doing a BA course, then you can get a starting salary from 10000 to15000 in a private company.
And if you get a job in the government sector, then your initial salary can be anywhere from 25000 to 30000.

Many people who have done this course from a good college and who have good knowledge have been seen getting a very good package.
Like some people have also got a package of 3 to 4 Lakhs.

Your salary also depends on which field or course you have done. Many people start their own work after doing this course.

Like those who have studied law, they start advocating or a lot of people start teaching.

some top colleges for BA course-

  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi
  • Christ University, Bengaluru
  • ST. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Shri Ram Colleges of Commerce, New Delhi
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • Presidency University, Kolkata
  • Shri Venkateshwara College, New Delhi
  • Gargi College, New Delhi

Important Tip for students of This course-

Students who do a Bachelor of Art course are advised to do some computer-related certification courses during their course.

This knowledge of computers not only helps them to understand and read their subjects better but also helps in getting a good job.


Bachelor of Arts FAQs

What Majors are Bachelor of Arts?

Following are the best arts and Literature majors for a bright future-

  • Interior Design
  • Journalism
  • History
  • Economics
  • Liberal arts and sciences
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Hindi
  • Political science

Which subject is best for BA?

following are the best subjects according to a bright career and life aspect-

  • Journalism
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Hindi
  • Interior designing
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Economics

Is it true that only weak students study with an arts subject?

A lot of misconceptions are made in India whether in society or the education system.

Just as a wrong assumption has been made in our system that students who are weak in studies, study with arts subjects, which is not right at all.

If anyone thinks that there are fewer chances of progressing in a career than studying with arts subject then it is absolutely wrong.
Students should choose their subject according to their interest and not according to the perception of society

You can also see many successful people around you who have studied with the subject of the art, and today are very successful.

Why many students who prepare for public service commission or UPSC graduate with arts subjects?

Many students who prepare for UPSC and other public service commission graduates with arts subjects.
One big reason behind this is that when he is graduating, he can use the subjects he studies (During Graduation) in the public service commission exam as his paper, then it proves to be very beneficial for him.


you can read more about Bachelor of Arts course in Hindi- click here

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