Engineering (BE/ B.Tech)- what is Engineering

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Engineering means solution


Engineering means to create something new such as machine making, road making, tunnel building, bridge building, structure making and more using scientific principals.

Engineering means cleverness, which is derived from the Latin word Ingenium.

Engineering is the creative application of mathematics and science methods.

So engineering is the name to innovate, to solve a problem using different science and mathematics knowledge.


So engineering has changed our lives and continue working for it.

With time engineering became so vast, needful and impactful in our life that we have to divide it into several parts and disciplines.

Branches/courses Available in India-

As said above, engineering means the solution of any problem to improve the life of a common man.

Engineering has influenced every man of the world, due to engineering, the life of every human being in the world has become easier.

You don’t even know, but you will be doing any work that you are doing right now, engineering will be playing its important role in it.

Whether you are traveling somewhere, working on a computer, or attending a meeting somewhere, you must be taking engineering help.

So engineering is playing an important role in our lives in every way, every moment.

The difference in human life from 5000 years ago and today’s life has come due to engineering. You cannot imagine your 1 day today without engineering.

What is Engineering


I give you an example to understand better what role engineering is playing in your life.

Imagine that you live in Delhi and you have to go to  Mumbai for an office meeting the next morning.
You set the alarm at 4:00 AM on your mobile, and your mobile gives you a voice at 4:00 AM.
You should know that your mobile is a model of smart engineering.

You go to the bathroom and take a bath with hot water, think about how many engineering equipment is installed in your small bathroom, for your convenience.

You go to the kitchen for breakfast and use any number of engineering equipment, such as induction stove, microwave oven, toaster, mixer, etc.

After having breakfast, you take a taxi and leave for the airport. You don’t even know that everything has been possible due to engineering, from booking a taxi to travel.

You take a flight from the airport and leave for Mumbai
Engineering has made everything so easy that you don’t even know how much engineering is used to transport you from Delhi to Mumbai.
And how many engineers have worked on it.
You should know that the airplane you travel in is made by an aeronautical engineer, while the runway on which your aircraft runs is planned by a civil engineer in such a way that the airplane can fly safely and land safely.

Now engineering has become everything for us and it is making our lives easier every day.


Engineering as a course-

Over time, engineering became so big that it needed to be divided into many parts to read and understand.

Currently, engineering is divided into many parts according to the need.
So that the students can understand the same by choosing one field according to their interest, and can do something new in the same field.

At present, about 50 branches of engineering are in practice in India, out of which around 30 are very popular. following are the most famous one-

  • Computer science engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  • Plastic Engineering
  • Marine Engineering.

and many more. the complete list of all famous engineering branches in India has been given above.

As the need increases with time, new branches of engineering are formed.

For example, after computer science, a lot of new branches have come under the trend of computer science, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, net security, etc.

Eligibility for Engineering course-

A pass in +2 with PCM or PCBM combination (minimum 45%)

If you want to do engineering, then you need to study maths and physics in intermediate, while if you have done an engineering diploma after 10th, you can still do engineering.
Here you get admission in second year engineering directly, through lateral entry.

For admission in engineering, you must be at least 16 years old and a maximum of 30 years.

Note- the percentage of marks required for admission in Engineering course defers from college to college, starting from a minimum of 45 %.



Admission Procedure in Engineering in India

in India, there are two types of colleges available for engineering. Government colleges & private colleges.

According to the rank and performance, the best colleges for engineering in India are  IITs.

For admission in IIT, one has to secure a good rank in the entrance exam conducted by the IIT, called JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCE.

JEE MAIN Entrance Exam which is connected by CBSE can get you admission to Maximum Engineering College, India.

some other government colleges & universities are also conducting their separate entrance exams.

Apart from this, many private colleges and universities also conduct their own entrance exam, through which you can get admission to their top colleges.

Scope of Engineering in India

After completion of engineering, one will get a bachelor’s degree. The degree will either BE/B.TECH depends upon the university and college. Basically there is no difference in BE and B.TECH.

With this bachelor’s degree, one can get a good job in the government sector or in the private sector.

every year govt is announcing a good no. of posts for engineers.

But today most of the persons are getting a job in the private sector, with a good package depending on their performance.

Not only a good job but after engineering enormous higher education opportunities will open.

Engineering is a department where you have unlimited opportunities to do well in career and life.

Those who understood engineering properly, they became a job provider, not job seekers today.



Why one should do engineering?

The world we are seeing today, the infrastructure, the development, the technology is somehow because of the engineering.

Engineering gives you the opportunity to do something new.

So if your interest is in engineering, then you must do engineering, it will take you to a new height.

Some main achievements by Engineers –

  • Most of the IAS & IPS officers are Engineers.
  • Many of the scientists are engineers
  • Most of the persons getting a government after graduation are engineers.
  • Most of the higher package getters are engineers.


Tuition Fees for Engineering in India

The engineering course fee in India depends on the college and branch you choose.
If you take admission in a government college, then you have to pay fewer fees while in private colleges you have to pay more.

Government college fees can start from ? 30000 to 200000 per year, whereas private college fees can range from 50000 per year to 400000 per year.

For engineering and other professional courses in India, you are also assisted by the government. for example Bihar student credit card and Central government scholarship.
If you want, you can take an education loan from any bank.

Note- Some colleges collect their fees yearly, while some colleges collect semester wise also.


Course Duration

The duration for the engineering course is 4 years if joining after 12th and three years if joining after diploma.

This 4-year course is divided into 8 semesters
Each semester has a different subject reading, and the exam is conducted at the end of each semester.


Why many people do not consider engineering a good career option today?

Many people in India today do not consider engineering a good career option

People believe that after engineering you have to search for a job, you will not get a good job,
you will not get a good salary.

then let me tell you that these people are also right to some extent in their place, but this problem which many students have to face.
Engineering is not responsible for it, engineering has even more demand and scope today. The shortage comes from students and the college side.

Many engineering colleges opened in India, which are lacking in quality.
At the same time, students whose interest was in the engineering field or not also took admission in engineering, and came out only with a degree.

Students who do not have knowledge of proper engineering, have to wander for jobs today.
You can also see around you that the students who did engineering well from a good college, are doing jobs in good places today, and are earning good money.

Engineering FAQs

What are the 6 types of Engineers?

Talking about the most famous 6 engineers of today, computer engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, and marine engineers.
Right now the most demand is for computer engineers, and they are also getting the most package.

Best engineering courses

Which is the best field in Engineering?

Whatever branches or fields of engineering are currently in demand, they are all the best.
You have to choose the best field according to your interests.
By the way, computer science is the most in-demand right now.

What is an Engineer’s salary?

The salary of an engineer depends on a lot of things, such as how much experience he has, in which field he is working.
But the average engineer’s salary is close to 10 lakhs a year
If we talk about the initial salary of Engineers, then you get from the month of 10000 to the month of 1000000.



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