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What is the difference between ITI and Polytechnic course, and which of the two courses is better

The answer to this question is necessary to know every student who has passed 10th or 12th and wants to pursue a technical course in which there is a possibility of a good job.

In this article, you will be explained the correct comparison between ITI and Polytechnic keeping in mind all the points.

There are many points, which are very important to keep in mind, when we are comparing ITI and polytechnic courses, such as duration of both courses, fees of both courses, college availability, higher education chances, job chances, What are the chances of promotion, salary, all things will be explained to you in this article

the comparison of all these important points will be explained to you in easy language, after that you will be able to take the decision about the best course for you among these two technical courses, according to the availability of the resources with you.

Here you should keep in mind one more thing that while we are comparing polytechnic and ITI course in this article, we are talking about engineering trades of ITI, which are 2 years duration.
As you know, apart from this there are many courses of ITI, which are also of 6 months and 1-year duration.

ITI and Polytechnic Course Level 

Talking about the level of ITI and Polytechnic courses, ITI course is of the Tenth level, meaning after doing ITI course you will be able to apply for all kinds of jobs of ITI or 10th level only.

While the polytechnic course label is intermediate, it means that you will be eligible for all polytechnic or inter-level jobs.

So, according to the level of the course here, doing a polytechnic or diploma in engineering course may be more beneficial.

Because if you also want to get an intermediate certificate after doing ITI, then you have to write the separate exam of ISC language papers or have to do intermediate with NIOS board along with ITI course.

ITI and Polytechnic differences

Course duration

ITI is a 2-year course, while the polytechnic is a 3-year course, so the students doing ITI here benefit, that they can start working somewhere after 2 years.

While students doing polytechnics have the advantage of a 3-year course, they get a good knowledge of the subject, and they have many options available for further higher education.

Course fee

Talking about ITI and polytechnic fees, so while ITI fees are slightly lower, for the same polytechnic you have to pay more fees.

Like most government, ITI college fees are within 5 to 10000 annually, the fees of government polytechnic college are from 10000 to 20000 annually.

On the other hand, if you talk about the fees of private ITI college, then the fee is up to 40000 annually, for some colleges.

while For the polytechnic, you may have to pay up to 50000 annually in a private college.

Financial help from the government[/orange]

The state governments provide financial assistance for both polytechnic and ITI courses.

The fees paid by the students studying in government ITIs, the government refunds the students under various schemes, but the students doing ITI from private colleges have to pay their fees on their own behalf.

Whereas, the government gives benefits to the students doing polytechnics through various types of welfare schemes for the college, both government and private.

College availability

If talk about the availability of the college, then ITI colleges are available in a much larger number than the polytechnic college, whether it is private college or government

You can also see around you, that there will be many ITI institutes, while only a few institutes will be available for polytechnics.

So here those students who do ITI are more advantageous because they have a full expectation of getting ITI college near their home also so that they can complete their course at a lower cost.

Chances of Higher Education

After doing ITI, you can do polytechnic under higher education, here you have the benefit, that you will be able to complete the polytechnic in 2 years.

Whereas if you have joined a polytechnic course after class X, then you can do graduation or engineering after polytechnic.

If you want to get admission in engineering, then you will get admission in the second year directly through the lateral entry.

You will be able to get admission in the polytechnic or engineering course in the branch related to the branch you must have studied during ITI or Polytechnic.

Job opportunities

After doing ITI, you will be able to do all the jobs available for 10th and ITI.

At the same time, students doing polytechnic will be able to apply for all intermediate and polytechnic level jobs.

If seen, most of the jobs that are for ITI people, polytechnic students can also apply.
But in many jobs that are meant for diploma students, students with ITI are not able to apply.

For example, both ITI and Polytechnic students can apply for the Loco Pilot Job of Indian Railways, but only Polytechnic students can apply for the post of Junior Engineer in Railways, not ITI holders.

Many state governments have given reservations to polytechnic students for their junior engineer post, meaning only polytechnic students will be able to apply for their junior engineer post.

At the same time, the Government of India has given reservations to ITI people for many of its posts, meaning only ITI students will be able to apply to those posts.

Post after Polytechnic and ITI

When you start working somewhere after doing ITI, you work as a trend worker or technician.

While after doing polytechnic, you work on the post of junior engineer.

So the students doing polytechnics here get a huge benefit because the students who have done ITI have to work below the students who have done polytechnics.


While the students who have done polytechnic get the initial salary from 10 to 15000, the students doing ITI can get the initial salary from 7 to 10000,

then due to getting good salary in the beginning, the salary of the polytechnic students will reach a good level within some years, while for ITI people it takes a little more time to get a good salary.

If a student goes abroad after doing a polytechnic course and gets a job, then his salary is much higher than a student who has done ITI.

Where the polytechnic students get a salary of 100000 per month easily, the ITI students get a salary of 50000 approx.

Promotion Chances

When a polytechnic student starts working on a junior engineer post, after a few years, he also gets an engineering post.

While students who have done ITI have to face a lot of difficulty in getting a promotion.


Which is the better course among ITI and Polytechnic?

Looking at all the facts explained above, you can easily say that if a student has time and a little money available, a polytechnic course can be a much better option.

With the polytechnic course, you get a good level certificate, you can do a job at a good post.

You can get a good salary in the job, you can join a good level course in higher education, and promotion will also be available soon.

If a student does not wish to study more or does not have the necessary resources, then he can get technical jobs by doing ITI course.

For the remaining students who want to go ahead in the technical field, it would be better to do polytechnic in less expense and less time.


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